California Voters Reject Rent Control

California Voters Reject Rent Control

California voters rejected rent control In Tuesday’s election by defeating a ballot measure called Proposition 21 that would have rolled back state limits on rent control.

Proposition 21, which failed, would have allowed local governments in California to put rent control on all kinds of rental property. Although ballots are still being counted, the “no” votes accounted for almost 60 percent of the more than 11 million votes counted so far, according to reports.

Voters had rejected a similar proposal in the past.

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles said Proposition 21 was soundly defeated by a large majority of California’s voters. “If it had passed, Proposition 21 would have imposed irreversible and adverse impacts on rental housing throughout the state,” said Daniel Yukelson, executive director of the Apartment Association, in a release.

“Proposition 21’s proposed, extreme price controls on virtually all of California’s rental properties would have exasperated our already existing housing shortages and affordability issues. The proposal would not have created even one unit of new housing, let alone a unit of affordable housing. Had Proposition 21 passed, it would have been nothing more than a ‘bankruptcy bill’ for the rental housing industry here in California,” the association said.

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