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Ask veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi your questions from tenant screening to leases to pets and more! He provides answers each week to landlords.
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A long-time real estate investor, property manager and landlord, he enjoys working on his multiple single-family and multifamily properties himself sometimes. Here is what he writes about himself and how he got started.

Landlord Hank your questions on rental housing
Hank Rossi

How Hank got his start

“I started in real estate as a child watching my father take care of our family rentals- maintenance, tenant relations, etc , in small town Ohio. As I grew, I was occasionally Dad’s assistant. In the mid-90s I decided to get into the rental business on my own, as a sideline. In 2001, I retired from my profession and only managed my own investments, for the next 10 years. Six years ago, my sister, working as a rental agent/property manager in Sarasota, Florida convinced me to try the Florida lifestyle. I gave it a try and never looked back. A few years ago we started our own real estate brokerage. We focus on property management and leasing. I continue to manage my real estate portfolio here in Florida and Atlanta. “
Hank Rossi

Visit Hank’s website here.

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Landlord Hank at work himself one one of his rental properties. Ask him your question.
Hank frequently likes to work on his properties himself to save a little money.

Please note: Hank is not an attorney and does not offer legal advice. He offers helpful, useful information to fellow rental property owners and managers.

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