Do I Have to Paint and Replace Flooring for a Long-Term Tenant?

Do I Have to Paint and Replace Flooring for a Long-Term Tenant?

When do rental property managers have an obligation to do upgrades for long-term tenants, such as replace flooring or painting, is the question this week for Ask Landlord Hank. Hank is not an attorney and is not offering legal advice. Please fill out the form below to ask him a question.

Dear Landlord Hank,

I have had a good tenant for more than 10 years. Is my responsibility to replace flooring and painting while he is living there?


Dear Landlady Sharon,

I would check the laws in your area to see if this is addressed?

The Department of Housing and Urban development guidelines are that carpeting should be replaced after 7 years. A paint job usually lasts 3 to 5 years.

I typically paint between tenants, and that is when flooring is dealt with as well.

It’s easier to work in an empty unit than one where furniture would need to be moved.

Replace flooring

I have replaced carpeting for a good tenant, during a lease.

We agreed that tenant would be responsible for moving all furniture so the job could be done and the tenant would pay for any delays or increased costs, if furniture was not moved as required.

So to answer your question, I don’t know if the law in your area requires flooring or painting while a tenant is still living in the unit, but if the carpet is in need of replacement, I would definitely consider this to keep such a good, long-term tenant.


Hank Rossi

Ask Landlord Hank: Do I Have to Paint and Replace Flooring for a Long-Term Tenant?
Landlord Hank Rossi

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