Upstairs Tenants Complaining About Downstairs Tenants: What Do I Do?

Dealing with tenants complaining about other tenants is a problem many landlords have and that is the question this week

Dealing with tenants complaining about other tenants is a problem many landlords have and that is the question this week for Ask Landlord Hank. Remember Hank is not an attorney and he is not offering legal advice. If you have a question for him please fill out the form below.

Dear Landlord Hank,

I have a question about two tenants.

I have a home I created into an Internal Accessory Dwelling Unit for another tenant to rent the bottom. The downstairs tenants complain about the noise that the upstairs tenants constantly make, and they complain about the car parking, although the contract specifically states the parking arrangement.

The upstairs tenants complain about the downstairs tenants always fighting and shutting doors.

What do I do in this situation? Do I talk to them in person or do it in writing? Thank you, — Agueda

Hi, Agueda,

Multi-family living is all about compromise, and sometimes messy situations.

If the floors and wall are standard wood construction, then soundproofing is usually an issue. I’d arrange a meeting with both tenants at the same time and talk about all the issues they are having and get everyone on the same page.

I’d also send the agreement to each one via email so you have written confirmation of the understanding. Some folks refuse to keep music down, etc. and I’d ask those folks to move if they can’t be considerate of their neighbors. Also, if you don’t have carpeting upstairs, maybe some throw rugs would dampen the noise. Good luck!


Hank Rossi

Each week I answer questions from landlords and property managers across the country in my “Dear Landlord Hank” blog in the digital magazine Rental Housing Journal.   

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Landlord Hank says about tenants complaining, “Multifamily living is all about compromise, and sometimes messy situations.”

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