Steps to Make Your Community Smoke-Free

Steps to Make Your Community Smoke-Free with smoke free policies

We’ve already covered how Smoking Is Bad for Business and Why Landlords And Homeowners Should Go Smoke-free. However, a crucial step in creating real change for you and your residents is adopting smoke-free policies in your building. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ve gathered tips and tools to build an action plan. So, here’s how to stop the smoke in your housing once and for all.

Propose the Idea

One of the easiest ways to gauge interest is by talking about it! Sit down with residents in your building and talk about ways to make the complex smoke-free. Remember, there is strength in numbers. Convincing other residents to support the proposal could speed up a plan of action.

Set Your Own Rules

Even if your community allows smoking, there are still steps you can take to protect yourself and your household. One of the most manageable steps you can take is not allowing smoking in your apartment, condo or home. Politely ask people — even house guests — to smoke outside. By doing this, not only do you protect your health, but also your home’s value. The second thing you can do for your own home is to let others know that you’re keeping your apartment or house smoke-free to protect yourself and others from the harm of secondhand smoke. Make it clear that you are not trying to punish smokers, and educate neighbors and friends about the benefits of keeping your home smoke-free.

Offer an Incentive

When advocating to go smoke-free, it never hurts to provide incentives to create positive change. If you provide a designated smoking area, remember to make the space inviting and comfortable to increase its usage. Thank friends and family for helping to keep the community smoke-free. Or, get a landlord or apartment manager to offer non-smoking residents an opportunity to move into vacated units that have been freshly painted or cleaned. Grouping these populations will help create smoke-free buildings within the community.

Change the Lease

If enough residents are ready to make your community smoke-free, change the rental lease to ban smoking in the units, common areas, and patios or balconies. Once put into action, make signs available to residents that indicate a smoke-free community. And be sure to post “No Smoking” signs in common areas, playgrounds, etc.

A Way to Quit

The best way to create a smoke-free community is to eliminate the source of the problem – tobacco addiction. Let residents who may want to quit know about resources to help them stop smoking. And put a plan into action to make your community smoke-free.

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