A Good Landlord’s Open Letter on Why He Is Getting Out of The Business

A Good Landlord’s Open Letter on Why He Is Getting Out of The Business

Here is one landlord’s open letter on why he’s getting out of the rental property business, and therefore no longer needs our newsletter. It is something he thought we should share with our readers.

By Carlos Garcia

I no longer have any rental units in Oregon and would prefer not to receive the newsletter any longer. It’s just too depressing reading about how landlords are being trampled by the city, county and state.

I have to say, at this time, I’m delighted to not own any rental properties in Oregon.

Three years ago, I owned and operated four apartment complexes in Portland, Salem and Keizer that totaled 180 units.

Although some of the rental rules and regulations at that time were starting to become burdensome, I was able to tolerate the continued intrusions and changes that the county, city and or government agencies imposed on us landlords.

Sadly, because of politics and where the bulk of the votes come from, Oregon appears to be headed into an extremely “tenant-friendly” state that basically is handcuffing landlords’ ability to place qualified tenants in their properties.

It seems like any rejected or non-qualifying applicant is free to claim discrimination and or harassment by the “bully landlord.” To me, that’s just legislatures, council members and/or city officials looking for votes. Shame on them.


A good landlord getting out of the business

I sold my properties just in time, and that’s 180 units of families that had a great landlord taking care of them.

And, I didn’t just let anyone in (as the “government” is pushing for) so I carefully screened all applicants, because it wouldn’t have been fair to the good tenants if I had just turned a blind eye and start accepting non-qualified applicants.

I feel for my previous tenants, but I couldn’t be happier to have moved on.

I truly believe landlords will soon take heed and go elsewhere where they are appreciated as the “real” taxpayers and not just people the state can walk all over.

Thanks again, and best of luck with those liberals of Oregon.

I sincerely hope my message will inspire landlords in Oregon to challenge the regulatory agencies that are continuously punishing landlords just because some tenant feels wronged.

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