What to Look for in Property Management Software

What to Look for in Property Management Software

Are you still chasing down tenants every month or falling behind on the books?

There’s plenty to do when it comes to managing properties and it can be stressful.  The best way to get organized and stay on top of the day-to-today tasks is to keep everything in one centralized place.  The solution is property management software.  It can keep track of tenant, owner, vendor information, communication, and balances. It can also eliminate manual methods, multiple online tools, and increase productivity.  Most importantly, it can save time and money.  Below are key features to look for.

1. Accounting

Popular features include tracking income and expenses, online payments for tenants/owners/vendors, bank reconciliation and tax reports. Income is automatically recorded when tenants pay online and receipts and invoices can be uploaded with expenses. Tax season can get busy, but it’s easier with 1099s and Schedule Es that are already completed in the software.  Reporting is another important feature.  Some reports include rent roll, tenant late rent report, owner statements, and income and expenses.  With a lot of reporting options, you’ll always know how the properties are doing and property management software helps eliminate human error and keeps you on top of your books.

2. Leasing

Leasing includes rental listings, online applications and leases and tenant screening.  Property management software can post to multiple rental sites in minutes with one click.  Gone are the days of posting to rental sites one by one or using multiple online tools. Online applications and leases can be e-signed and the application fee and security deposit can be collected online too.  No more paper forms or paper checks.  Integrated tenant screening can provide background checks, credit checks, social security validation, and eviction search reports. These reports can be pulled within minutes allowing property managers to choose the right tenant quickly.  With property management software, your business would be more streamlined and have vacancies filled faster.

3. Communication

Portals help build strong relationships with tenants, owners and vendors.  Portals give everyone full transparency for online payments, important notices and work orders.  Tenants can submit maintenance requests and upload photos.  Vendors get notified for every new work order assigned to them and all communication is electronically saved for future reference.  Sending notices is also faster because it can be done in bulk to all tenants, owners, and vendors via email and text message.

One popular property management software that has all of these features plus more is SimplifyEm. They have been helping property managers and real estate investors for over 15 years and have over 150,000+ happy customers.  SimplifyEm is an all-in-one, easy to use software.  With simple and intuitive design, customers have a seamless experience.  The automation and sophisticated reporting saves you countless hours, giving you your time back.  As an online based software, you can access SimplifyEm anywhere at any time. With free onboarding and free live phone and email support, SimplifyEm Property Management Software will help take your business to the next level.  Get 50% off today and be up and running for the new year.