Republicans Ask to Amend Oregon Rent Control Bill In The House

Republicans Ask to Amend Oregon Rent Control Bill In The House
Senator Tim Knopp (R) Bend, Oregon

Republicans in the Oregon House of Representatives have asked to amend the Oregon rent control bill, Senate Bill 608, which has passed the Senate and is now up for consideration in the House, according to a release.

The Senate approved the bill over bipartisan opposition, 17-11, with Democrat Betsy Johnson joining with Republicans in voting against the legislation.

“The bill that will do renters more harm than good was whisked through the Senate Housing Committee with utter disregard for five amendments offered by Vice Chair Fred Girod (R-Stayton). A request to remove the emergency clause, allowing property owners time to prepare for the impact of the legislation, was denied,” according to the release from House Republicans.

“Oregon is piling on regulation upon regulation, which is essentially causing the problem, so the response to failed regulation from this chamber is to add more regulation,” said Sen. Tim Knopp (R-Bend) in the release.

“And when that doesn’t work, the response is going to be ‘we didn’t go far enough, we need even more regulation on the housing industry’. I think the most likely outcome of this bill is negative consequences for the very people the proponents of this bill want to help,” Knopp said.

“When the House Human Services Committee takes up SB 608 on Feb. 18, House Republicans hope the majority party will afford the bipartisan spirit promised in January. Only then will the intended beneficiaries truly be helped,” the Republicans said in the release.

What Oregon Senate Bill 608 Does

  • Prohibits a landlord from terminating month-to-month tenancy without cause after 12 months of occupancy. Provides exception for certain tenancies on a building or lot used by a landlord as residence.
  • Allows a landlord to terminate tenancy with 90 days’ written notice and payment of one month’s rent under certain conditions. Exempts landlords who manage four or fewer units from payment of one month’s rent.
  • Provides that fixed-term tenancy becomes month-to-month tenancy upon ending date if not renewed or terminated.
  • Allows landlord to not renew fixed-term tenancy if tenant receives three lease-violation warnings within 12 months during term and landlord gives 90 days’ notice.
  • Limits rent increases for residential tenancies to one per year.
  • Limits maximum annual rent increase to 7 percent above annual change in consumer price index.
  • Requires Oregon Department of Administrative Services to publish maximum annual rent increase percentage.
  • Declares emergency, effective on passage.