Prepare Your Property And Your Residents For Winter Storms

Prepare Your Property And Your Residents For Winter Storms

Preparing your property and residents for winter storms is the rental property maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe.

Prepare your rental property by being aware of these weather guidelines, and take proactive measures to ensure you and your tenants stay safe this winter.

Snow or heavy rain can bring different types of conditions so stay up with what can hit in your area.

Stay on top of the weather conditions

Track the weather. Stay up to date on weather patterns in your area and communicate any extreme weather changes to tenants. According to the National Weather Service definitions, there are three various tiers of cold weather alerts:

  1. Winter Storm Watch: A Winter Storm Watch is issued when there is the potential for significant and hazardous winter weather within 48 hours. It does not mean that significant and hazardous winter weather will occur, it only means it is possible.
  2. Winter Weather Advisory: A Winter Weather Advisory will be issued for any amount of freezing rain, or when 2 to 4 inches of snow (alone or in combination with sleet and freezing rain), is expected to cause a significant inconvenience, but not serious enough to warrant a warning.
  3. Winter Storm Warning: A Winter Storm Warning is issued when a significant combination of hazardous winter weather is occurring or imminent.
Prepare Your Property And Your Residents For Winter Storms
Prepare your rental property and your tenants for winter storms.

3 steps to prepare your rental property

Severe snowstorms or heavy rain with flooding can lead to property damage, especially for properties that were not prepared for the extreme weather. Take precautions to ensure your property and tenants stay safe this season.

  1. Storm Hardening: Your winter storm preparedness plan should include a preventative maintenance assessment of your building to improve the designs for corrosion resistance; boards should be put up in place, remove dead or damaged branches/trees, and prune trees that may become hazardous in the near future.
  2. Emergency Plan: Come up with an emergency plan that will minimize the challenges that you may face during the crisis. Let your residents know emergency exit locations and other resources they can rely on during and after a severe snowstorm.
  3. Winter Kit: Add the following supplies to your property emergency kit: rock salt and similar products to melt ice on walkways, sand to improve traction and snow shovels and other snow removal equipment. You may need sandbags to keep flood waters out as well.
Prepare Your Property And Your Residents For Winter Storms
Keep a first aid kit handy in the office to prepare for winter storms and potential slips and falls.

Prepare your residents

Make sure your residents know the evacuation route.

Remain proactive and share helpful tips with your tenants if your area is likely to experience extreme weather conditions.

Here are some of the important items tenants should prepare in their personal safety kit before a storm: blankets, flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra clothing, water and non-perishable high-energy foods, First Aid kit with medications and a fully charged cell phone

Establish a safety plan that will allow you to stay informed, make a plan and remain safe in an emergency.

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