6 Ways To Trash Your Apartment Waste Management Issues

6 Ways To Trash Your Apartment Waste Management Issues

The maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe focuses on the challenges of apartment waste management and trash.

Whether you manage a single apartment complex or multiple high-rise apartment buildings, your waste and recycling systems should be designed to be reliable and easy to use.

If you are running into issues with your current apartment waste management disposal system, here are six ideas that may help.

 No. 1 – Expand your waste disposal area


Watch and see how much space your residents need for trash disposal and update your system by increasing the number of bins or pickups.

Also try to implement several accessible disposal stations throughout your property to ensure your tenants can easily access a trash bin. Furthermore, include trash and recycle bins as close to each other as possible.

This way, residents don’t have to take a separate trip to an alternate location to throw away certain trash.

6 Ways To Trash Your Apartment Waste Management Issues
If trash containers are regularly overflowing, that is a clear sign. You need to expand your waste disposal area and/or bin size.

 No. 2 Adopt a recycling system as part of your apartment waste management

A recycling option at your apartment complex can significantly cut down on the amount of garbage that is collected at your property. With regular move-ins and outs, cardboard and can quickly pile up and take up a majority of the trash bin space – especially if your tenants are not flattening cardboard prior to disposal.

Communities that recycle effectively, generate lower volumes of trash.

No. 3 – Streamline your disposal system

Streamline your garbage and recycling systems by informing and communicating with tenants on how to dispose of trash.

  • Implement rules such as requiring all cardboard to be flattened before recycling.
  • Require tied-off bags for trash.
  • Label and map your trash and recycle locations to avoid residents putting the wrong items in the recycle bin and vice versa.
  • Make sure pickup frequency is consistent and meets the needs of your tenants.
6 Ways To Trash Your Apartment Waste Management Issues
Streamline your garbage and recycling systems by informing and communicating with tenants on how to dispose of trash.

No. 4 – Address large trash items

Often, large items such as old furniture and mattresses pile up near trash bin areas.

Adopt a system that allows for on-call pick up for larger items.

Work with tenants to maximize on the safety and cleanliness of your exterior space. For bulkier items, consider a regular pick up system from a hauler, onsite team member, or a third party.

No. 5 – Manage unauthorized dumping by vendors

If you hire a contractor for landscaping, don’t allow disposal of green waste such as grass waste and tree trimmings on your property.

The same goes for other contractor related waste such as construction and remodeling waste. Consider implementing a surveillance system or adopt a secure, locked, private space for residents to dispose of trash.

No. 6 – Prepare for seasonal issues

During the holiday season, residents tend to have more waste due to shopping and festivities. Make sure to schedule additional pickups during peak times to avoid issues with overflow.

Weather variations during the extreme winter season can also present challenges for waste collection. Prepare for delays in pickups and ensure your waste storage containers and tanks are sturdy enough to handle freezing temperatures and extreme rain, wind and snow.

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