Oregon Governor Extends Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

Oregon Governor Extends Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has extended the state’s mortgage foreclosure moratorium to December 31, according to a release.

The mortgage-foreclosure moratorium had been set to expire on September 30.

House Bill 2009 authorized the governor to extend the mortgage-foreclosure moratorium period for two successive three-month periods beyond June 30. The governor previously extended the moratorium until September 30, 2021. The extension until December 31 is the last extension allowed under House Bill 2009.

The governor said in the statement that the moratorium prevents Oregonians who own their homes from losing their homes to foreclosure if they have lost income and been unable to pay their mortgage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As we continue to see record high numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations driven by the Delta surge, I am committed to ensuring that Oregonians have a warm, dry, safe place to live during this pandemic,” Brown said in the release.

Oregon Governor Extends Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium
“These protections are necessary as Oregon continues to deploy federal financial relief,” Oregon Governor Kate Brown said in a release.

“Extending the temporary residential foreclosure moratorium another three months will prevent removal of Oregonians from their homes by foreclosure, which would result in serious health, safety, welfare, and financial consequences, and which would undermine key efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19.”

Additionally, extension of House Bill 2009’s foreclosure moratorium “will provide necessary relief to mortgagors that are leasing property to residential tenants, allowing them needed flexibility to continue to work with tenants who are struggling. These protections are necessary as Oregon continues to deploy federal financial relief, including the Emergency Rental Assistance program and the Homeownership Assistance Fund, both of which are in the initial stages of deployment.”

Renters continue to receive protection

Similar protections are also in place for Oregonians who rent their homes. In addition to resources for landlords and homeowners, rental assistance continues to be available for tenants at OregonRentalAssistance.org. On June 25, 2021, Gov. Brown signed Senate Bill 278, which provides tenants a 60-day safe-harbor period from eviction for nonpayment of rent. In Multnomah County, the safe-harbor period is 90 days. The 60-day safe-harbor period for each tenant begins when they provide their landlords with proof that they have applied for rental assistance. Oregon’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program is still accepting applications at OregonRentalAssistance.org. Tenants who are behind on their rent or utilities or who may need help paying the current or future month’s rent should apply today.

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