How to Attract and Retain Team Members Within the Multifamily Industry

How to attract and retain team members in the multifamily industry as the demand for skilled workers grows.

How to attract and retain team members in the multifamily industry as the demand for skilled workers grows.

By Lauren Bland

The multifamily industry is a dynamic yet competitive field and attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for success. Between increasing competition and a growing demand for skilled workers, it is more important than ever to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains team members.

Here are proven strategies to secure top talent in the multifamily space.

Tailor recruitment strategies to meet the needs of your communities

When looking to attract new team members, it is essential to consider your communities’ needs. Understanding what each community requires (i.e. additional Service personnel) allows you to align your recruitment efforts with those requisites. This provides a candidate with clear opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Targeting top talent

Consider where candidates are likely to search for job opportunities, such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Utilizing trusted third-party resources can assist in identifying and attracting qualified professionals for positions such as Leasing Consultants and other admin-related roles. These individuals possess specialized expertise necessary for elevated, high-touch multifamily operations.

However, it is fair to say that it can be more challenging to find skilled candidates for specialized roles in the multifamily sector. Building partnerships with trade schools and participating in career fairs enables proactive recruitment of individuals with the specific skills and knowledge needed for success.

Expand your candidate pool

Did you know that your talent competitors may not always be your business competitors? Broaden the scope of potential candidates by tapping into talent from various industries or sectors. By seeking individuals who possess transferable skills, a strong work ethic and growth mindset, they are likely to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the multifamily space.

Your team members are your biggest advocate

Existing team members are powerful advocates for your organization. Encourage team members to refer potential candidates, leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations. Even if a referral is not suitable immediately, keep them in mind for future openings. It shows appreciation for team member’s suggestion but also allows for your organization to have a pool of potential candidates should a need arise.

Demonstrate commitment to their success

Actively supporting your team members’ journey towards success is essential for attracting and retaining top talent in any industry. Here are some ways to create a welcoming onboarding and career development program that actively supports your team members’ growth.

  • Provide a special day one orientation to create a warm and inclusive environment, introducing them to the company’s culture, values, and goals.
  • Implement a 14-day check-in to remind them of available support channels.
  • Invest in ongoing opportunities for growth, such as role shadowing, mentorship programs, and continuing education courses.

By intentionally implementing these suggested strategies, it empowers team members to expand their professional and personal development, leading to increased engagement and retention.

5-star employee experience

Creating an exceptional experience for your team members is essential to attracting and retaining the top-tier talent in the industry. It involves considering every interaction and touchpoint throughout their time with the organization, starting with their interview process. Paying attention to every stage of the employee experience ensures that team members feel valued, supported and motivated – leading to higher job satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

When you provide a job that feels like home, team members find themselves eager to support your organization as well as its mission, vision and goals.


How to attract and retain team members in the multifamily industry as the demand for skilled workers grows.
Lauren Bland

Lauren Bland, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Mark-Taylor Residential, has seasoned expertise in talent acquisition and human resources management. Her depth of knowledge includes optimizing recruitment processes, building strong relationships and implementing data-driven approaches to talent acquisition, unique to the recruiting organization.

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