Company Rolls Out Smart Apartment Technology Package To 25,000 Units

Smart apartment home technology using thermostat and lighting control, digital home access and voice-enabled control is being rolled out nationwide to 25,000 luxury apartments, according to a release.

Alliance Residential Company, Dwelo, Google and Nest have collaborated on the smart apartment rollout to deliver convenience, connectivity and conservation capabilities, as well as provide management operational efficiencies.

The Alliance SmartHome package features the Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Home Mini with Google Assistant built-in, as well as smart locks, light switches and wall outlets. Control of all devices is centralized through Dwelo, an open platform compatible with a wide range of consumer and commercial iOT devices, with convenient access for residents via the Alliance SmartHome app for smart phones.

“After two years in development, we are pleased to launch Alliance SmartHome,” Jay Hiemenz, President of Alliance, said in the release.

Smart apartment technology not just for single-family homes now

“Home automation in single-family homes has been trending for years now — and our residents desire that same high-tech home system in an apartment. We created Alliance SmartHome to deliver the features our customers want while addressing the unique challenges of multifamily integration to provide a great customer experience and establish a platform for future enhancements in technology,” he said in the release.

Alliance is one of the largest multifamily developers, builders and managers in the U.S. They are leveraging their scale for the development and rollout of the platform.

“With Alliance SmartHome, we have invested in bringing a platform and product package together that offers a truly great experience for our residents,” Brad Cribbins, President of Alliance’s management division, said in the release.

“During the early exploration phases of this initiative, we realized there wasn’t an existing platform and tech package that really delivered on the customer experience we were looking for. So our technology department, led by Senior Vice President of Technology Scott Pechersky, sought out companies who shared our vision for continued advancement in multifamily technology to be part of this collaboration.

Dwelo’s support and ability to scale were important factors in Alliance’s decision to partner with them — the company recognizes that smart device rollouts are not purely about technology but also require a human solution for implementation and ongoing support,” he said.

Smart apartment technology allows tenants to reach support help

To that end, residents will be able to reach a support team of Dwelo employees 24/7 and, thanks to Dwelo’s cloud-based platform, will always be on the latest and greatest version of the company’s technology. Cribbins also said that from a product standpoint, Google and Nest bring extensive ongoing development resources to the table, and that Alliance residents already trust in the quality of their technology and hardware.

“Dwelo is thrilled to be partnering with a group as respected and innovative as Alliance,”  Mike Rovito, Dwelo CEO, said in the release.

“We are honored by the trust that Alliance is placing in us by selecting us for this rollout. Moreover, our customers have always been our greatest source of new ideas, and at Alliance we are partnering with a group of forward-thinking people who share our vision for multifamily technology. We’ve already seen what the clarity of their vision can do: forging a collaboration between us and the folks at Nest and Google to make the world’s best smart devices available seamlessly to those who live at multifamily properties.”

About Alliance

Alliance is one of the largest private U.S. multifamily companies with offices throughout the West, Southwest, South-Central, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. They have invested in more than $10 billion worth of real estate and manage a $15 billion portfolio with local leadership and a comprehensive national support structure.