Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them

Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them

Working as a property manager requires you to deal with common tenant complaints and  tenants’ requests  around the clock, so here are some suggestions on how to handle things from Keepe the maintenance company.

Handling tenants’ complaints quickly and in the right manner can go a long way in improving tenant satisfaction and retention rates. Below are some of the most common tenant complaints and how you can handle them as a property manager.

Maintenance Complaint

 With maintenance issues being the major problem affecting tenants, the first step to handling this type of complaint is to create an effective maintenance-complaint communication channel.

An easy way is to have a lease that includes specific instructions on how to raise a maintenance request, the expected response time, and what to do in case of an emergency.

For example, many property-management companies now ask their tenants to send in an online maintenance request in order to simplify the process and allow easy tracking. Most importantly, remember to keep all tenant maintenance complaints in writing to the event of future disputes.

Lack of Communication

 In any relationship, communication is key. Property manager-tenant relationships are no different, and they require regular communication. No tenants want to deal with a property manager who is unavailable, rarely answers the phone, or doesn’t respond to email.

While some complaints may be unimportant, it is important that you acknowledge the emails or calls depending on your availability. You can set up an email autoresponder that acknowledges email if there’s a need. Good tenants are difficult to find and if you fail to communicate with yours, then another property manager will win them over.

Noisy Neighbors

 In the United States, there are roughly 111 million people living in rental buildings. Going by this number, clashes are bound to occur among tenants and fellow residents. If a tenant complains about another tenant, it is best you attend to the complaint quickly and avoid taking sides.

Take for instance, if a tenant complains about another tenant’s loud music, animal, or loud chattering. Begin by addressing the tenants separately, to avoid escalating the dispute. If you fail to address the complaint, you likely are going to lose one tenant or create unwanted chaos between the two.

Lack of Privacy

 Tenants tend to become very displeased if the property manager comes barging in too often, or with too little notice.

It’s not just a matter of respect and politeness. You are required by law to notify a tenant at least 24 hours before entering. The only exception is if there’s a direct emergency and the property is jeopardized.

Always make sure to announce your visits well ahead of time, and ensure that the tenant receives the notice. It’s good to use trackable methods, in order to avoid confusion. This will help you avoid disputes and tenant complaints in the future.


 Pest infestation is a serious situation that must be handled at once.

There are many pests that will make your tenants uncomfortable. They often constitute a real health hazard, and tenants won’t be happy if they feel like you don’t care about their health and safety.

These infestations can make living in the residence unbearable and force people from their homes. In many cases, your property itself is also in danger. Keep this in mind and invest in preventing pests. And make sure that infestations get dealt with right away, to minimize tenant complaints.

About Keepe:

Keepe is an on-demand maintenance solution for property managers and independent landlords. The company makes a network of hundreds of independent contractors and handymen available for maintenance projects at rental properties. Keepe is available in the Greater Seattle area, Greater Phoenix area, San Francisco Bay area, Portland, San Diego and is coming soon to an area near you. Learn more about Keepe at

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Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them
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