5 Ways to Stay Connected To Tenants During Social Distancing

5 Ways to Stay Connected To Tenants During Social Distancing

Staying connected to tenants can be difficult under current quarantine guidelines, with many tenants beginning to experience cabin fever as a result of the lack of constant connection so here are some ideas from Keepe.com the maintenance company.

Property managers are used to regularly engaging in person with their residents — and social distancing has made this increasingly difficult. Without face-to-face communication, some tenants may feel isolated or lonely, which is why it’s essential to stay connected and to build a sense of community.

One of the significant challenges faced by property managers is keeping their residents, owners, and themselves connected while still providing excellent service. Fortunately, technology has become a bridge over social distances.

Below are creative new ways to maintain a sense of community with your tenants while adhering to social distancing.

Organize Games for Your Community Online

Just because you and your tenants are social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You can start by organizing a game night once a week to engage your residents in a fun, friendly competition via online games. You can send out multiplayer-game app invitations to your tenants to join in the fun. Games such as Uno & FriendsWords with Friends, and Bunch can be easy to play and accommodate multiple players. Additionally, you can also organize an online trivia or Taboo night if your residents are not tech-savvy, using a chat service like Skype or Kahoot.

Organize Virtual Exercise 

Exercise not only helps you and your tenants stay in shape; it improves your immune system. A great way to help your tenants stay active while indoors is by sharing virtual fitness resources. You can also offer your tenants a free monthly fitness membership to live-streaming fitness platforms. Websites such as Peloton AppCorepower Yoga, or Beachbody On Demand are great options for virtual group fitness.

Keep Your Tenant Kids Occupied

Due to the lockdown, the majority of your tenants’ kids are at home and likely not engaging in any educational-related activity. You can start by sending online educational resources or games to their parents to keep their kids busy. Online learning platform such as PBSCool Math 4 Kids, and Arcademics contains educational resources to keep their children engaged.

Give Back to Your Tenants 

Staying connected to your tenants goes beyond playing online game with your tenants. It involves giving back to those tenants who have been with you over the years. The shutdown of businesses has led to a massive layoff of workers across the country. Tenants are continually worried about their finances and welfare. Some of the best ways to give back to your tenants could include sharing groceries or giving them rent breaks.

Video calls 

The advent of online video-messaging platforms has made it easy for people around the world to connect via the internet. You can engage in a video conference with your tenants via apps such as Facebook live, Skype, and Zoom. This allows you to see and hear directly from your tenants about any maintenance, welfare, and health issues they may be facing. You can participate in celebrations with your tenants via video calls.

In conclusion

In times of hardship, community is everything. With digital technology and a little creativity, you can find unique ways to continue to engage with your tenants — and do so safely. Be sure to provide plenty of resources and to stay in touch virtually, so they know you’re in this together.

About Keepe:

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