6 Appealing Rental Features For College-Age Renters

6 Appealing Rental Features For College-Age Renters

Appealing rental features for college-age renters is the rental property maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe.

Many college students outgrow dorms during their college years and start looking for off-campus housing with other students after their initial year of college.

If your property is near a college or university, you can maximize on this demographic by using these tips to gain a larger interest in potential tenants.

Here are the top 6 appealing rental features for college-age renters   

6 Appealing Rental Features For College-Age Renters

  1. Rent: Students are reluctant and often financially limited to over-pay for rent. To maximize on renter interest, be sure to price your rent according to similar properties in the area to maximize on interest while maintaining your revenue.
  2. Occupants: Generally, students rent an apartment unit with other people. Make sure your policy is flexible on the number of occupants one unit can have to maximize on renter interest.
  3. Parking: If your property isn’t centrally located near stores and a university, consider re-evaluating parking costs to ensure your college-age applicants can afford the extra expense. High parking costs might drive students from considering your property as a reasonable place to live.
  4. Reputation: College-age renters review online sites such as Yelp.com and ReviewMyLandlord.com to get a sense of what to expect from the landlord. If you are receiving bad reviews on these sites, be sure to make changes in your business that will reflect you more positively in reviews.6 Appealing Rental Features For College-Age Renters

5. Amenities: High end features are not a necessity, but amenities such as laundry, gym, and a pool are all features that can sway college-age renters to picking your property over another. If your apartment complex has useful amenities, be sure to highlight these features on your website and other marketing channels to remain competitive in the market.

6. Smart Technology: Millennials and Generation Z are early adopters of smart apartment technology and prefer renting in properties that have already adopted technologies. Technologies such as smart thermostat and lighting systems are among the top devices that are seen as valuable to renters. Invest in smart technology to draw in millennial renters, especially if you are in a competitive market.

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