4 Ways To Make Your Apartments Senior Friendly

4 Ways To Make Your Apartments Senior Friendly

The maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe focuses on how to make your apartments senior friendly.

Do you have a property that attracts multi-generational groups and especially are your apartments senior friendly?

You can win more bookings by making simple changes in your apartment with seniors in mind.

Small upgrades can make seniors, and all your tenants, happier and more comfortable in your building. Here are some tips to make your apartment property senior friendly.

What do seniors want out of your rental?

No. 1 – Safety

  • Replace traditional locks with smart locks to help seniors enter the building without having to struggle with small keys. Some smart locks can unlock when a key fob is simply tapped on the device–no need to push buttons to enter a code.
  • A simple change you can make to increase safety for senior tenants is lowering the water heater temperature to 120⁰ to reduce the chance of burns.
  • Other safety measures such as security cameras and panic buttons are other features that can easily attract older tenants in your apartments.
4 Ways To Make Your Apartments Senior Friendly
Make sure your multistory buildings are accessible.

No. 2 – Lighting

  • Install lights across your property outdoors. In unlikely areas, use motion-activated lights to ensure tenants can safely get inside the building.
  • In the building, consider adding motion-activated lights in areas like an entryway or kitchen to reduce risk of falls or bumps.
  • In general, lighting in the building should be enhanced for all areas. Increased lighting will allow seniors to see obstacles and allow for optimal safety.

No. 3 – Accessibility means elevators

  • Make sure your building and apartments are accessible for seniors with mobility restrictions such as wheelchairs. Ramps outdoors and elevators in multi-story buildings are a must for elderly living.
  • Bathrooms in your property must have the ability to be easily converted to handicapped-friendly options with grab bars and sturdy tub flooring when needed.

No. 4 – Community and amenities

  • Organize special events for tenants to get to know one another and foster a sense of community.
  • Consider keeping the apartment pet friendly. Older adults enjoy companionship, and pets provide emotional comfort for the elderly. Allowing small cats and dogs in your property can make your property much more appealing for those who already have pets.
  • Amenities such as a pool, on-site laundry facilities, fitness center and outdoor areas are great amenities to have when attracting the elderly. Tenants will be happiest if there are fun activities to do and plenty of places to meet up with friends.

Your apartment should be a safe and easy place to live in for all tenants, especially seniors. Take these tips into consideration if you are providing housing to senior tenants.

4 Ways To Make Your Apartments Senior Friendly

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