What Realtors Should Know About Going Pet-Friendly

What Realtors Should Know About Going Pet-Friendly in rental property and apartments

Going pet-friendly in your rental property has many advantages so here are 5 tips to make your rental property appeal to pet owners.

By Mark Daniels

 The past few years have brought on a surge of pet adoptions, which have had a big impact on the housing industry. More and more renters are looking for a place to call home that offers something special for their pets. If you’re a realtor wanting to go pet-friendly, here are five top tips to appeal to renters looking for pet-friendly apartments.

1. Create amenities for people and pets

It’s not enough that luxury apartments have incredible amenities for residents. They need to have perks for pets, too! Amenities like bark parks and pet spas draw in potential renters, and really showcase how pet-friendly your residences are. Even better, creating a special space for pets is easy and won’t take a sizable chunk of your budget.

Going pet-friendly in your rental property has many advantages so here are 5 tips to make your rental property appeal to pet owners.
Pet grooming areas and pet wash areas among top amenities. Photo credit Group4 Studio via istockphotoc.om

2. Tell future residents your luxury apartments are near an emergency veterinarian

Accidents happen. When your residents need to get to the veterinarian, they don’t have time to travel across the city. Let your future residents know that your luxury apartments are close to an emergency vet when they come for their tour.

It’s also a great idea to emphasize that your luxury apartments are close to trails, dog parks, and other pet-friendly areas nearby. That way, your residents know they can take their pet outside for fresh air and fun walks.

3. Sponsor a pet-adoption event and get your name out there

A great way to help animals in need and get your luxury apartments noticed is by sponsoring a pet adoption. Schedule a gorgeous spring day for your local shelter to come out to your property for a pet adoption event. Many shelters will work with you and waive adoption fees in hopes of finding forever homes for more pets.

You can take your pet adoption even further by letting future renters and residents pay less for pet deposits or giving them a few months without having to pay pet rent.

4. Use your staging skills to show off the space

If you’re leasing downtown apartments that are centered in a bustling city, you might not instinctually  appeal to pet owners. This is where your expert staging skills can make small apartments look bigger and more pet-friendly. Here are quick tips on how to stage a luxury apartment for pet owners:

  • Include a dog bed: Show how off how big the bedroom is by putting a strategically placed dog bed in a corner or at the foot of a sleek and modern bed frame. Try to include a bed in the living room, too. This shows there is enough room for everyone to relax.
  • Place small pet bowls in the kitchen: Kitchens are one of the smallest rooms in an apartment, but you need to make sure future renters know there is space for their furry family members and their best friends. Add in small, stylish pet bowls in the kitchen, but make sure they aren’t in the way.
  • Stage modern and functional storage: If you’re staging a smaller apartment, show future residents how much space they can have when they have the right kind of storage. You can store pet toys in storage ottomans, treats in modern-looking jars, and keepsakes on gorgeous bookshelves.
  • Have treats on hand: If you can, offer tours of your downtown apartments where prospective renters can bring their pets with them. Let their pets see the space, and always have treats nearby to make their visit extra special.
  • Always have a pet station nearby: Other kinds of accidents happen, too. Make sure you have plenty of pet stations on your rental property that include bags and trash cans for pet waste. This is the most important feature you need on your property to keep it clean and viable for residents.

5. Embrace the impact of going pet-friendly

It’s not a secret that pets can be a little rough on things like floors, furniture, and other areas of a residence. When you decide to go pet-friendly, you need to remember there may be a little more maintenance than usual, which means you might need to charge a little more in rent. That’s OK! Most pet owners understand the cost of owning a pet and will pay extra for luxury apartments that maintain the property.

Overall, making your luxury apartments a pet-friendly place to live is a significant investment for your rental property and for your residents. When you open your doors to pet owners, you’re making your residences available to more people. This means your apartments are easier to rent out, and people will want to live in them for years to come.

About the author:

Mark Daniels is a writer who authors pieces designed to be of value to Realtors, property managers, and tenants. He has over 15 years of experience writing articles to help educate individuals in the housing industry.

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