5 Strategies to Enhance Your Leasing Process

Here are 5 strategies and best practices to enhance your leasing process from an expert in multifamily community.

Here are 5 strategies and best practices to enhance your leasing process from an expert in multifamily community.

By Ciera Moraga
Mark-Taylor Residential

Exceptional multifamily living always begins with the leasing process. Guests become pleased residents when 5-star service starts from the very first inquiry about your community.

Leasing teams have the unique opportunity to be the “face” of your community. When leasing-team members initially reflect company values and establish high standards of service, it sets the guest up to have an excellent residency.

Here are five best practices of our leasing teams:

Early bird gets the worm

Searching for a new home often requires time-consuming and stress-inducing work. That is why we strive to make the process as seamless as possible for prospective residents. When a prospective resident shows interest in a Mark-Taylor community digitally or over the phone, our leasing teams get back to them swiftly, prepared with detailed information about the community and neighborhood.

The significance of leasing teams’ response time cannot be underestimated; at times, it can be the differentiating factor in a resident’s living choice. We support the response process through innovative technology that captures, sorts, and pushes leads to our team members. In addition, our training and development team coaches leasing-team members on best practices for efficiently responding to prospective residents.

A warm welcome sets the tone

Creating a place that truly feels like home starts the moment that a guest walks through the front door. Our leasing teams greet our residents and guests as if they have arrived at home, even before they choose to live at the community.

A warm smile and standing approach, combined with a welcoming statement such as, “Good morning and welcome to the community. How may I assist you today?” sets the tone for the community presentation and beyond.

Give your guest undivided attention

Providing guests with full, undivided attention is a simple yet profoundly important to-do for leasing teams. In order to feel welcomed into your community, guests must feel listened and attended to during their visit. Use attentive nonverbal behavior – make eye contact, remember names, and welcome questions, comments, and concerns.

Fit your community to their needs

Multifamily leasing must focus on the guest, not just the community. It our goal to deliver what residents and prospective residents want and need in a home. To help accomplish this goal, leasing-team members must ask the right questions to personalize their presentation toward the guest’s personal preferences.

If a guest works remotely from home, we make sure to show them our common working spaces. If a guest enjoys exercise, we show them our fitness center and tell them about our on-site exercise classes. This customer-centric mindset is key.

Seal the deal with follow-up

Following up is another checkpoint in the leasing process that cannot be skipped. Guests return to their busy lives after they visit your community; a prompt and friendly follow-up message is convenient for the guest and keeps the community top-of-mind. If the guest chooses not to live at the community, it is an opportune time to ask for feedback that will make you better than yesterday.

About the author

Ciera Moraga is the associate managing director of multifamily investments at Mark-Taylor Residential. She provides strategic direction for a large portfolio of Mark-Taylor luxury communities across Arizona. She utilizes her expertise to lead her communities to achieve optimal operational success, while staying true to Mark-Taylor’s exceptional standards of service.

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