The Easiest & Least Expensive Small Landlord Hack: Require Renters Insurance

Require renters insurance as it solves a lot of problems when there has been a fire or when someone has been hurt on your property

At Anderson Insurance Group, we have been through experiences where landlords call, their rental property has been involved in a fire, their tenant has nowhere to go, no coverage for their “stuff,” and the landlord is left with the hassle of rebuilding their property and big claim on their insurance policy. A $15.00 per month renters insurance policy can solve a lot of problems when there has been a fire or when someone has been hurt on your property. We see this 1-2 times a year and the claims are normally around $250,000 which is too often and too much. Landlords need to better protect themselves by requiring their tenants to carry renters insurance.

Large apartment complexes require renters insurance, and while it may require a little more work, it’s something that every Utah landlord, large or small, should require. There are a few benefits for a landlord when you require renters insurance, here are just a few:

  1. A renters insurance policy provides a layer of liability insurance between you, the tenants and their visitors. If the tenant’s mother-in-law drops by to visit, trips and falls the renters insurance may respond before your landlords insurance providing an additional layer of liability coverage. This is especially important if your tenant has a dog. The average dog bite claim across the nation is $50,000! make sure your tenant’s policy does not limit dog bite claims or exclude certain breeds. We recommend you require your tenants to carry at least a $300,000 limit of liability coverage.
  2. Fire Legal Liability is part of every renter’s insurance policy and will pay for damage to your property if the tenant is negligent or responsible for starting a fire. Accidents happen – if your tenant leaves something cooking on the stove or their grill causes a fire, their renter’s insurance will pay for the damage. It will also pay for the damage to other structures, so if your rental is a condo or townhome, this coverage becomes even more important.
  3. Renters Insurance will help pay for your renter to relocate if the dwelling is damaged from a covered loss. As landlords, sometimes we develop relationships with our renters and feel a need to help them, and a renters insurance policy will pay for them to find a new home.
  4. Tenants with renters insurance are more responsible. Some tenants don’t care about renters insurance, so they probably also don’t care about their things or your property. Mention your requirements during the interview process to help find better renters.

The cost of renters insurance can be as low as $10.00 per month, and if your tenant combines renters insurance with their auto insurance, it normally discounts the cost of their auto insurance, so the net cost of the renters insurance is zero.

Make sure you are listed as Certificate Holder on your tenant’s renters insurance policy. A certificate holder will receive notice of the coverage limits, renewal notices and most importantly a notice if the renters insurance cancels. If your tenant cancels their renters insurance and you receive notice you should issue a three notice to comply or vacate.

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Avoid Costly Coinsurance Penalties with Proper Insurance Coverage for Your Investment Properties

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Avoid Costly Coinsurance Penalties with Proper Insurance Coverage for Your Investment Properties