Living in harmony with nature: Keturah Reserve is the first Bio Living project in Dubai

The Dubai’s Keturah Reserve residential project is the first Middle Eastern development project applying Bio Living concept


New residential projects in Dubai are often concrete skyscrapers with fine dining restaurants, rooftop pools, and sky-high observation decks. However, the United Arab Emirates is more than just high-rise towers; the country is committed to clean air, sustainable private communities, exotic gardens, and vast green spaces. Dubai’s Keturah Reserve residential project takes sustainable living to the next level, as it is the first Middle Eastern development project applying the Bio Living concept. It’s a place where nature is juxtaposed with living spaces, creating an ideal destination for those seeking to harmonise themselves with the environment.

A residential project in Dubai where humanity and nature become one

The residential project of Keturah Reserve in the UAE offers a collection of exclusive one- to four-bedroom apartments and townhouses in Meydan, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dubai. The project’s developer is the multinational MAG Group Holding, which has masterfully created a unique community where residents can enjoy luxury-class features and premium hotel service. Keturah Reserve’s ultra-modern townhouses and the surrounding ecology blend together seamlessly, resulting in a one-of-a-kind marriage of nature and architecture.

The interior and exterior of the houses will be made of the same materials, evoking a sensation of complete serenity. Minimalistic shapes, an abundance of daylight, and huge windows are but a few hallmarks of the project. The design melds stone, wood, bronze, linen fabrics, and plants to complement the nature-inspired interior. Pools and bodies of water abound on the grounds and are flush with the floor and walking paths. In the heart of the community will be a large park lined with majestic olive trees sourced from all over the world.

Hisham El Assaad, Head of Off-plan at AX CAPITAL agency.

“Keturah Reserve will be an extension of the Downtown and Business Bay area as road work improvements are underway. It is a haven of tranquility living in an unparalleled location within the master-planned Meydan City, a mega master-planned 3.67-million-square-metre development that is surrounded by greenery and entertainment. The epicenter for bio-living, Keturah Reserve is the only location that protrudes exclusivity, elegance, and sustainability and promotes holistic wellness. It’s a sanctuary surrounded by natural lush greenery, diverse hundred-year-old olive trees, plans, and invigorating public spaces to rejuvenate the soul,” said Hisham El Assaad, Head of Off-plan at AX CAPITAL agency.

Keturah Reserve: Wellness in all aspects of life

In addition to the unique modern design, the new project under development in Dubai brings you closer to nature, making it a perfect place to wind down after a busy day. Residents of the project by MAG Group will have access to gyms with top-notch equipment and various pools, including a pool with water exercise bikes.

Residents will also be able to practice yoga and meditation, gymnastics, martial arts, shooting, and fencing, have access to a dance studio, and play basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis. What’s more, the project will have a cross-fit club and spa and hair salons for women and men.

All residents—regardless of age—will be able to attend an art school on the premises. Entrepreneurs will be able to stay close to home and their families if work calls by being a short walk from co-working spaces and a business centre, which will have a large live tree inside and noise-cancelling equipment. Kids, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to let their curiosities run free in areas with designer textile sculptures, a children’s pool, a park, and a garden.

Property prices in Keturah Reserve

Today, while the project is under development, you can buy a property in the wellness-focused project in Dubai at a bargain price that is lower than the market price. For instance, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment for AED 2.73 million (USD 743,500), while a two-bedroom apartment in the new residential project in Dubai costs AED 3.82 million (USD 1.04 million). A three-bedroom unit starts at AED 7.28 million (USD 1.98 million) and a four-bedroom residence from AED 10.53 million (USD 2.87 million).

You can purchase a new villa in Dubai at Keturah Reserve for a price starting from AED 11.94 million (USD 3.25 million).

When buying any unit in this upscale project, investors are entitled to apply for a residence visa.

Project under development in Dubai: The best investment solution

Investing in luxury real estate in Dubai today is one of the safest and most profitable strategies. Expensive housing in prestigious communities of the Emirate is in high demand today and has been trending upward. Over the past year, the number of transactions for elite properties has almost doubled. Analysts predict that the growth rate of property prices this year in some neighborhoods can reach 46%, with an average of +15%. In addition, during the construction phase, the property’s value will increase by 20%–30%. Therefore, buying real estate at the first stage of construction to sell it once you’ve fully possessed it will allow you to make a significant profit.

“Prices in Keturah Reserve have experienced an increase slightly above the five percentile since launch. The value remains underpriced in relation to the luxury segment that hovers around the AED 2,900s/sq. ft upwards with a reserved outlook of a 20% increase by handover.

Fundamentals are numerous to the accelerated growth and momentum in Dubai’s real estate market. The support by the government through the ongoing introduction of policies and regulations aimed at promoting transparency in real estate dealings continue to attract foreign investment.

In addition, a growing population projected for the coming years and a favorable regulatory environment for investors and businesses are pillars to the appreciation in property value that buyers can benefit from,” said El Assaad.

Real estate in Keturah Reserve is not only a smart investment but also a unique opportunity to live in a futuristic neighborhood in a tranquil nature setting.

Real estate agency experts at AX CAPITAL are ready to guide you through the top property offers regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor. We will help you choose an option with a high return on investment and arrange all the paperwork.

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