Liberty Rent Guarantee Partners With GreenPath Financial Wellness

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Liberty Rent Guarantee, a cosigner for potential residents of multifamily properties who have less-than-perfect credit, is proud to announce that it is partnering with GreenPath, Inc., a non-profit, financial wellness organization that has been empowering people to lead financially healthy lives since 1961.

“I’m very proud, in this season of giving, that Liberty Rent Guarantee was able to launch its latest initiative for tenants with less-than-perfect credit,” said Liberty Rent Guarantee CEO Bubba Grimsley.

“It has always been part of our mission to reduce the risk in the multifamily rental space. Now, we take it a step further by partnering with GreenPath. Our strategic alliance with GreenPath will allow all of our residents the availability of live, online, and web-based assistance in all of their financial endeavors.”

GreenPath is a Michigan-based 501c3 with a 50-year history of teaching financial literacy to consumers. It offers live, certified financial analysts who can help tenants during times of financial crisis. Liberty Rent Guarantee is on a mission to help build communities by reducing the risk of defaults in the multi-family market. The company is committed to helping its customers fill units at no risk and no cost to the property owners.

Liberty Rent Guarantee and GreenPath together help familes with finances and housing

GreenPath has engaged in a deep re-think of its work in the last two years, looking for ways to radically change the culture around personal finances in America. The company helps to improve financial security for the 54 million American households that do not have three-months savings. GreenPath is exploring new ways of influencing and measuring financial health for families, as well as looking for innovative ways to partner with organizations.

Liberty Rent Guarantee is committed to increasing access to safe and affordable housing for economically vulnerable individuals and families. They do this every day through their primary service, the co-signed rental guarantee agreement. However, they recognize that there is a need for improved financial literacy and improved financial behaviors among their customers, as well as the broader population in America. The company is contributing a portion of its profits toward the development and deployment of financial wellness programs as a way to give back to its customers and the broader community.

GreenPath and Liberty Rent Guarantee recognize that there is clear mission alignment between the two organizations.

“GreenPath is a leader in intuitive mobile-based programs that help consumers manage and improve their credit,” Grimsley said. “Through improving financial literacy, Liberty Rent Guarantee and GreenPath continue to further our mission of reducing risk, and helping consumers. It’s a huge win for the multi-family industry and a huge win for the consumers. We are all in this together.”

About Liberty Rent Guarantee

Liberty Rent Guarantee helps property owners fill units without risk of default, while simultaneously helping consumers find a good home and re-build their credit. Operating nationwide, Liberty Rent Guarantee has helped secure homes for thousands of families by serving as a limited co-signer on every lease it agrees to guarantee. To learn how it works, please visit

Liberty Rent Guarantee parnters with Green Path Financial wellness

Liberty Rent Guarantee Partners With GreenPath financial wellness

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