Leaking Sinks No. 1 Most Popular Maintenance Fix in November

Leaking sinks were the No. 1 maintenance item in November

Leaking sinks have been the most popular maintenance call for Keepe during the month of November.

The calls from tenants to property managers have mostly related to leaking kitchen sinks. These are the kinds of calls that require immediate attention.

  • “My sink has been leaking since this morning.”
  • “My kitchen is flooded with water.”
  • “My faucet must be broken because it is dripping water no matter how hard I try to turn it off!”

Leaking sinks in kitchen can cause serious water damage

An example of this problem came from a woman in Seattle with a distress call regarding her kitchen being flooded.

When technicians got to her residence, they found a serious water-damage problem.

The problem with her sink was a little complicated because first, her faucet was leaking. The second part of the problem seemed to be connected to either the water lines or the P-Trap because the water was dripping from under the sink basin and onto the floor.

Technicians also noticed that her sink drainage was not in good shape and needed replacement.

They felt that the drain needed to be checked for possible leaks and repaired or replaced, depending on the level of damage it had suffered.

The first part of the repair was the P-trap.

Normally, the shape of the P-trap makes it hard to maintain, but doing so is necessary because it keeps bad smells out of the house. Technicians were able to detect the first problem – food debris had accumulated in this part of the sink. The food had started rotting, hence creating a leak.

The first repair job took three hours.

Technicians had to replace the P-trap with a new one. After installation, they tightened all the connectors, and water stopped dripping onto the floor.

The second issue was the faucet.

Technicians discovered that the faucet’s gaskets were too worn out and that the washers were failing. It took about 45 minutes to make simple replacements to these two parts.

The entire repair job took about four hours. By the end of the job, there was proper kitchen drainage, a well-functioning sink, and a satisfied customer.

Leaking sinks and 6 Sink and Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips for Your Rentals

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