Job Postings Still Strong for Apartment Industry

Job Postings Still Strong for Apartment Industry

Job postings for the apartment industry have seen little fluctuation during the pandemic so far, as more than 9,700 apartment jobs were available during April, accounting for 42.2 percent of the broader real estate sector, according to the National Apartment Association.

While the coronavirus has caused devastating effects on the labor market – the U.S unemployment rate in April experienced the largest monthly increase in history, climbing 10.3 percentage points to 14.7 percent – the apartment industry did not see the same impact.

According to data from Burning Glass Technologies, between mid-March and the second week of April, online job postings declined by 30 percent compared to the beginning of 2020, according to the NAAEI Apartment Jobs Snapshot April 2020.

Markets that ranked highest for vacancies included San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Kansas City, and San Diego.

This month’s edition of the jobs report highlights property manager/community manager positions, with a median salary of $58,411.

In addition to property-management experience, employers are seeking candidates with strong budgeting skills, staff-management skills, and experience with propert- management software.

Salaries for property managers were particularly competitive in Raleigh, as demand for experienced professionals was more than three times the national average.

Job Postings Still Strong for Apartment Industry
Job Postings Still Strong for Apartment Industry

National apartment association jobs report background

“Our education institute is a credentialing body for the apartment industry. They hear often that one of the biggest problems keeping our industry leaders up at night is the difficulty in finding talent, attracting talent and retaining talent,” NAAEI’s Paula Munger said.  “Labor-market issues are happening in a lot of industries, certainly with the tight labor market we have.”

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

So NAA partnered with Burning Glass Technologies. “They have a labor-job posting database that is proprietary,” she said, and they can “layer on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). We looked at that and thought we could do something that is really going to help the industry and help benchmark job titles and trends as we go forward.”

Demand for Apartment Jobs Reached Record Levels In 2019

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