How to Protect Your Rental Property’s Fence From Wind Damage

3 tips to protect your rental property fence

Rental property fence maintenance and repair can be an issue when big Summer storms hit so the maintenance checkup this week from Keepe focuses on rental property fences.

If you own a rental in an area with high winds, you’ve probably experienced a few damaged fences and the dilemma that follows after – repair or replace?

To prevent your fence from being destroyed, take some preventative steps and ensure that you’ve got the right fence for your climate. Plus, learn the best fence types to withstand the wear and tear of the peak wind season.

3 tips to protect your rental property fence

    1. Trim the trees near the fence line: a large portion of wind-damaged fences are a result of trees or tree debris falling and colliding with fencing. Before the wind season returns, take some time to confirm that your landscape is free of yard debris and other vegetation. Furthermore, maintain the trees surrounding your property, a simple trimming or removal can prevent a costly fence repair.
    2. Remove yard objects: similar to tree debris, maintaining a clean, object-free landscape is key to avoiding damage from wind-blown objects. Many times, fencing damage doesn’t result from the wind itself, but from collisions with things such as outdoor chairs, garden tools, patio umbrellas, trash cans or sheets of wood.
    3. Regular inspection: property owners should regularly review the health of their property fences for signs of damage. Looking for visible signs of wear and tear can lead to cost-effective repairs.
  1. 3 tips to protect your rental property fence

If your fence is damaged should you repair or replace?

Depending on the size of the damage and what your long-term costs are for fencing, it might be best to fully replace your fence rather than conducting a repair.

Problems such as holes in the wood and staining on the wood are usually alerting to a deeper issue that involves issues involving microorganism activity as well as general rotting and molding from extreme weather. Un-repairable damage is important to address quickly and effectively to avoid further complications. Ensure your property manager is aware of the severity of any issues involving your fencing.

Damage such as broken or missing boards, leaning fences, and small splintering of wood are signs of a structural weakness. In these cases, the weak parts of the fence can be replaced or  repaired. Since these accidents can lead to further damage, it is ideal to address these issues immediately. Reinforce loose posts and partially replace broken, splintering and missing boards. If the damage is larger than one section or the issue is recurring, investing in a complete fence replacement solution will likely be more cost-effective for your property manager.

Finding the best fence type for your property and environment is crucial when addressing fence replacement and repair. The best wind-withstanding fences include those made from materials such as aluminum, iron and vinyl. If your in an area where it’s windy and rainy, a durable steel or iron fence would be ideal. For those in extreme climates, make sure your metal fencing has a thick, multi-layered finish or sealant to help avoid weather related damage. If privacy is a priority, a vinyl fence might be more fitting.

Wooden fences and gates are also other choices that prioritize style and design. To avoid durability issues with wooden fencing, be sure to use metal posts to regain further durability. Furthermore, to preserve the wood and avoid early decay, make sure your property manager to stains and re-stains your fence every 3-5 years to maintain its strength and beauty.

Evaluating the condition of your fence should be a part of you and your property managers’ regular maintenance routine. To accurately determine if it’s time to repair or replace your fence, be sure to contact a professional contractor.

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