Governor Extends Oregon Foreclosure Moratorium to End Of The Year

Governor Extends Oregon Foreclosure Moratorium to End Of The Year

Governor Kate Brown has extended Oregon’s foreclosure moratorium to December 21, 2020; however, she has not yet extended the evictions moratorium set to expire September 30.

Executive Order 20-37 will extend House Bill 4204’s current moratorium on foreclosures, as allowed by that legislation.

“Every Oregonian deserves a warm, dry, safe, affordable, and accessible place to call home,” Brown said in a release. “That’s especially true during a pandemic, when physical distancing and limiting trips away from home are critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Extending the moratorium on foreclosures will ensure that more Oregonians do not lose their homes this year, and that businesses can continue to provide vital goods and services to our communities.”

While the executive order will provide homeowners and business owners certainty through the end of the year, “it is not a long-term solution. The governor’s office will be working with landlords, lenders, and other stakeholders in the coming weeks to craft a solution for the legislature to consider.”

No decision yet on eviction moratorium

The release said Brown is “also continuing to have conversations with community leaders and stakeholders to look at options surrounding a moratorium for evictions for renters, which does not expire until September 30.”

Brown said in the release, “I’d like to thank legislators for taking action with me this summer to help Oregon renters, as well as homeowners, and business owners.  As this crisis continues, I am confident that lawmakers will again take action to help Oregonians struggling to pay rent and mortgage payments.”

The Legislature’s Emergency Board allocated $55 million for rent assistance through December, and $20 million for affordable housing operating support for OHCS partners. In April, the Emergency Board also allocated $12 million in emergency funding for safe-shelter and rental assistance. Congress has also passed about $82 million in housing support and other housing-related services for Oregonians, including funds for rental and utility assistance.

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