Five Holiday Decorating Guidelines To Give Your Tenants

Five holiday decorating guidelines for your tenants to keep them happy and avoid maintenance issues and damages is this week’s maintenance tip from Keepe.

As a property manager, you want to make sure that your holiday decorating guidelines plus rules and regulations strike a good balance.

You want to allow your tenants to feel at home in their rental. But you also need to ensure that the owner’s property remains in good condition and minimize any repairs that need to be made.

During the holiday season, many of your tenants will have friends and family over as guests and will want to make sure the home feels festive and inviting.

Five holiday decorating guidelines for tenants

Some decorating options are difficult to achieve without damaging paint, walls, or roofs, so it can be helpful to provide some specific suggestions and guidelines for hanging cheerful decor during the holidays.

1. Non-damaging adhesive

There are plenty of options in terms of adhesive hanging tools that do not damage paint when removed, such as Command strips and hooks.

The hooks can be used on the front door or walls for wreaths, and even on the mantle for stockings! These products will avoid the possibility of filling holes in the walls and doors from nails or thumbtacks.

2. Laser-Lights

Not only do Laser Lights provide the convenience of not having to climb a ladder to hang them, they also avoid potential damage to the roof and gutters.

There are many different colors and designs of Laser Lights available for any holiday or special event, so there is sure to be something to compliment your tenant’s decorative tastes. If your tenants prefer the idea of hanging traditional lights, there are outdoor light hooks available as well!

3. Window Clings

Utilizing window clings in front and side windows or glass doors can add an extra dimension to holiday decorating without causing any damage at all.

Most are easily removed in one piece and any leftover scraps can be easily removed with windex, and cause no scratching or build-up on glass.

4. Incense Diffusers

Who doesn’t want their home to smell like pine and fresh gingerbread during the holiday season?

Unfortunately, the cozy scents provided by candles can lead to house fires when left unattended. Instead, suggest incense diffusers. They tend to spread more evenly across the home and don’t have the potential hazard and cost of an open flame!

5. Inflatables

When renting out a property with a yard, suggest that your tenants utilize inflatable lawn ornaments that use small tent stakes to hold them in place instead of placing decorations in the ground.

Lawn decorations with large, deep stakes or a bigger surface area may damage the lawn itself, the sprinkler system, or pest control tools. Inflatable characters can be great for homes with kids and are also aesthetically pleasing to neighbors.

Summary 5 holiday decorating guidelines

Providing these guidelines to tenants prior to the holidays will allow them to create the environment for their holiday celebrations, and property owners will appreciate the extra mile you’ve gone to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Even if decorating guidelines are already outlined in the lease agreement, it’s never a bad idea to send a reminder.

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