Everett’s Lakeside Apartments Sell For $6.4 Million

Everett’s Lakeside Apartments Sell For $6.4 Million

The Lakeside Apartments, a 45-unit segment of a 56 total unit complex located on Beverly Lake in Everett, Washington, has been purchased by a Westland Apartment Investors led group.

The purchase cost is $6.4 million, with an additional $650,000 being committed by the investors for upgrades to the property.

“The Lakeside purchase is strongly aligned with our business model,” Erik Mattson, Westland Partner, said in a release.

“The complex is conveniently located near a rapidly expanding medical, technology & aerospace employment base.”

Lakeside Apartments improvements planned

The property was originally built as 56 apartment units but was converted to condominiums in 2006, with 45 of the units being converted back to apartments in 2008.

Exterior and landscaping upgrades are planned to improve the property’s appeal to apartment residents and condo owners alike.

With more projects such as this on the horizon, Westland is looking to establish relationships with additional accredited investor clients. Interested investors should contact Erik Mattson at erik.mattson@westlandinvestors.com  or by calling (503) 297-2575.

About Westland

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