Collect Rent Online Without a Merchant Account

collect rent online instead of collecting checks

By SimplifyEM

Are you still collecting paper checks?

You’re probably spending your valuable time collecting checks one by one and making multiple trips to the bank.  This manual process is slow and you’re probably wondering if there is a better way.   Well there is and it’s a lot faster.  The easier way to collect rent is online.

Online payments are very popular.  They’re convenient for everyone and they give the tenant a professional experience.   Tenants pay online anywhere and the rent gets deposited in your bank account.  This means no more dealing with paper checks and it eliminates trips to the bank.

Collecting rent online usually requires signing up for a merchant account.  A merchant account requires a background check of your business and a monthly fee.  For these reasons, it’s common for property owners to not sign up for online payments as it’s tedious and it can get expensive.

One company that provides online payments without requiring a merchant account is SimplifyEm Property Management Software.  SimplifyEm is a safe and secure website that you can trust to collect your rent on time.  Real estate investors and property managers  collect rent online by just entering in their bank account information.  There is no bank setup fee.  Once your bank account is added, then tenants can be invited to sign up for online payments.  Tenants can add their bank account information too or pay using a credit or debit card.  SimplifyEm can keep track of the tenants’ leases and auto withdraw the monthly rent on the due date every month.  This means that the tenant doesn’t need to lift a finger to pay rent, it can be automatically withdrawn every month. It’s very common to have tenants only on the auto withdrawal to guarantee the rent is collected on time.  However, in SimplifyEm, you can control the manual payment option for tenants. You can turn on or off the manual payment option for any tenant any time.  Also, if you have more than one bank account, then you can add more.  There is no limit to the number of bank accounts you can have with SimplifyEm.

If a tenant needs help adding their bank account information or making a payment online, then SimplifyEm’s customer support team can help for free.  You can feel confident knowing that your tenants will be taken care of and you don’t have to spend any time handling technical support.   The tenants can also view a detailed online payment history in their online payment account so you don’t have to worry about tenants asking for reports or receipts.

SimplifyEm not only lets you collect rent online without a merchant account, but you can also send notices to tenants via email or text message, track expenses, manage vendors, track maintenance requests, generate Schedule E and 1099s and so much more.  With Simplifyem, you’ll get free customized training, free live phone and email support, and free support for tenants and vendors.  Get 50% off SimplifyEm today and start collecting rent online.