Cheap isn’t Always Cheerful: When it’s time to Retrofit Your Building with Seamless Wi-Fi, Choose the Right MSP Partner

Delivering reliable and seamless Wi-Fi to residents isn’t easy as property owners contend with complex networks, multiple users and more

Delivering reliable and seamless Wi-Fi to residents isn’t at all easy. Property owners need to contend with complex networks, multiple users, no inhouse IT staff, no time to test – and no room for mistakes. Many are partnering up with managed service providers (MSP) who focus on delivering the capacity and coverage that thrills multi-dwelling unit (MDU) tenants and staff.

This is no time for speed dating or trial and error. The best way to get it right is to start by asking for the perfect MSP partner for your properties.

Specific domain experience in MDUs

Of course, you will check references, but better questions yield better understanding. Ask how many MDU properties they have connected. You will want to understand how the MSP’s services have changed the business of their other MDU property owners. They should be able to provide specific metrics that stand out on resident satisfaction, trouble call rates and costs. They should also be able to detail what property owners can do now that they could not do before (implement smart building digital transformation and IoT initiatives).

Technical expertise and experiences

The network is complex, and no one size fits all use cases. Time to sort out the “one trick ponies.” Are they specifically experienced in ALL the following technologies?

  • Broadband infrastructure
  • Cloud services
  • Network optimization
  • Security
  • Systems and APIs
  • Wi-Fi and switching

Also, ask what criteria and procedures they use to select the technologies to deploy. For extra points, learn about their proven interoperability by asking for a list of certified technology partners.


Do they meet your day-to-day needs? Review a sample of their monthly reports and look for trends in the specific parameters. Everyone says they are responsive but review the actual response times when problems occur, and escalation is required. Understand their backup and recovery processes and how they are executed.

Enduring Engagement

Sort out the ones who truly want to be your partner from the transactional types who only want you to sign a contract. Look for an understanding of different types of MDUs and the long-term needs of residents. See that they understand your goals and priorities as a property owner. Review how they regard trends and anticipate changes in the industry. Look for ongoing and regular collaboration sessions to discuss and select a solution from possible alternatives.

 Choose the Best Option for MDU Solutions

Cambium Networks works with several leading MSPs that help property owners get access to reliable, fast internet. For more information on the various architectures and the views of property owners and MSPs, read the solution paper, “Take Control of Your MDU Network.” You can download the paper here. Contact us to connect you with qualified MSP’s that fit your needs.

About Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks enables service providers, enterprises, industrial organizations, and governments to deliver exceptional digital experiences, and device connectivity, with compelling economics.  Our ONE Network platform simplifies management of Cambium Networks’ wired and wireless broadband and network edge technologies.  Our customers can focus more resources on managing their business rather than the network.  We deliver connectivity that just works.

Delivering reliable and seamless Wi-Fi to residents isn’t easy as property owners contend with complex networks, multiple users and more

Improve MDU Profitability AND Resident Satisfaction