Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand In Seattle NAA Jobs Report Says

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand NAA Jobs Report Says

The latest National Apartment Association jobs report spotlights the need for the assistant property manager position.

Over 9,600 rental housing jobs were available during November, accounting for 34 percent of the broader real estate sector, just slightly below the monthly average for the year, according to the latest jobs report from the National Apartment Association.

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

The jobs report focuses on jobs that are being advertised in the apartment industry as being available, according to Paula Munger, Director, Industry Research and Analysis, for the National Apartment Association’s Education Institute.

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

Las Vegas entered the top 5 for apartment job demand for the first time this year, while Nashville marked its fifth month in the rankings.

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

National Apartment Association jobs report spotlights assistant property manager


November’s issue highlights the Assistant Property Manager.

As expected, experience required was at the entry level, but 78 percent of employers were seeking candidates who already had property management skills.

Property management and communication skills are top need

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

Evolving role of the property manager

The role is becoming more than just a property manager, Munger said earlier this year. “The hiring manager gets to a point where they say, ‘I need more than one whole person to do this job.’ So we are seeing more and more event coordinators in apartment communities,” she said.

“Getting residents together, planning events, maybe dealing with outside vendors more than they have,” she said. And not in terms of vendors like a landscaper “they’ve been doing that forever,” she said. But more like a celebrity chef or “someone who comes into the building to do a quickie demo. That kind of stuff. I think in general they are having to think a little bit more about, I won’t say event planning, but something along those lines,” Munger said.

National apartment association jobs report background

“Our education institute is a credentialing body for the apartment industry. They hear often that one of the biggest problems keeping our industry leaders up at night is the difficulty in finding talent, attracting talent and retaining talent,” Munger said.  “Labor-market issues are happening in a lot of industries, certainly with the tight labor market we have.”

Assistant Property Manager Jobs In Demand

So NAA partnered with Burning Glass Technologies. “They have a labor-job posting database that is proprietary,” she said, and they can “layer on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). We looked at that and thought we could do something that is really going to help the industry and help benchmark job titles and trends as we go forward.”


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