Apartment Mystery Maintenance Call Spilled Bleach

Apartment Mystery Maintenance Call Spilled Bleach

The latest apartment mystery maintenance call from Keepe comes from Seattle, where a property manager called in distress with an emergency after a tenant had spilled a jug of bleach on the garage floor.

Due to its highly corrosive nature, the bleach dug through the garage floor and corroded it.

The incident started out when the tenant decided to call her property manager and explain what happened.

It turns out the tenant was simply cleaning out her garage and knocked over the jug of bleach by accident.  She was not doing work on the garage on her own, just a routine cleaning.

After the manager called, a worker was assigned and got to the garage in about an hour to assess the extent of the corrosion.

After inspecting the damage to the garage floor, they did the following:

  • Patched the corroded floor.
  • Cemented the entire garage floor to restore it to its original condition.

The repair project took about four to five hours and cost $399, which included $89 for materials.

This was an expensive job for an accidental spill of a jug of bleach, and led to a lengthy dispute between the property manager and the tenant over who would pay the cost.

In the end, the tenant agreed to be the one to cover the cost.

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