9 Alarming Signs of an Electrical Problem in Your Rental Property

How often do you check for whether there’s an electrical problem in your rental property or whether you need electrical supplies?

How often do you check for whether there’s an electrical problem in your rental property? Or whether you need some electric supplies?

By Jeson Pitt

Most people don’t  check until they face an electric failure. But that’s the wrong practice.

Both landlords and tenants must keep checking circuit breakers and wiring from time to time, especially while renting or taking a property on rent. But what exactly do you need to check?

9 Prime Indicators of an Impending Electric Problem in Your Rental Property

Here are nine tell-tale signs that you need to call an electrician or order new electrical products for your rental property.

1. Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker

The job of a circuit breaker is to shut down the power when it detects a power surge. This way, it prevents your electric equipment and your life from electrical hazards. So when your circuit breaker trips regularly instead of occasionally, there can be some underlying electric problem or fault in your property.

2. Wiring Appearing to be Chewed up or Frayed

If the wiring looks chewed up or frayed, you must replace it, as it’s an electric hazard. Many factors like a rodent infestation or improper installation can lead to the wiring appearing to be chewed or frayed. Contact someone who can provide quality electric supplies and proper installation.

3. Warm Power Outlets

Another primary indicator of an electric problem in your property is warm or hot power outlets. Vibrating outlets and outlet sparks are also some warning signs. In this condition, also you need someone to fix the wiring and procure high-quality electric products to replace outlets and wiring.

4. Unexplained Burning Smell

Do you sniff a burning smell but can’t pinpoint its origin? There are high chances that the odor is coming from the wiring inside the walls. The wires can be damaged due to an electric spark or fire. Switch off all power outlets if you see smoke. This can happen while using equipment that demands high power.

5. Sparking Outlets Appearing Discolored

Any signs of warping, scorching, or discoloration of the power outlets indicate a serious electrical problem. The damaged wires behind the outlets are probably releasing the heat. Don’t delay calling a professional if you see sparks coming out of an outlet.

6. Light Switches and Outlets Going Out of Order

If your light switches or outlets often stop working, there is definitely an electrical problem in your rental. It can be either loose wiring or burnt wiring behind the walls. Call a professional to find out which one it is. Keep all outlets switched off till then for safety reasons.

7. Flickering or Dimming Lights

Buzzing, dimming, and flickering lights trouble you mostly when there is a power surge. That means the wiring of your rental is not capable of handling the electric equipment you are using. You need a reliable source of electric supplies to fetch new wires and outlets.

8. Noise Coming Out of Electrical Panels

When your wires get overloaded, you can hear crackling and humming sounds from the electrical panel. This sound comes only when you plug a device into the outlet. This electric problem happens due to damage to the wire or aging of the wire.

9. Outdated Wiring

When you witness all these signs of trouble, you might want to check the relevance of your wiring. Outdated wiring goes through a lot of wear and tear. It’s often been used beyond its lifespan. To avoid more electrical problems, update the wiring in accordance with modern electrical devices.

In Conclusion

It’s crucial to run proper electrical checks before moving tenants into a rental home for the safety. Check as to whether circuit breakers, wires, outlets, etc., need any replacement. If you spot any of these nine signs of an electrical problem in your rental property, call a professional right away to inspect. Better safe than sorry!

About the author: Jeson Pitt works with the marketing department of D&F Liquidators and regularly writes to share his knowledge while enlightening people about electrical products and solving their electrical dilemmas.


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