6 Ways To Save Water With The Right Landscaping At Your Property

6 Ways To Save Water With The Right Landscaping At Your Property

Saving water with the right landscaping is the rental property maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe.

How to save water with the right landscaping at your property is becoming more and more important. Drought, water restrictions and increasing water bills may mean it is time for you to redesign your property landscape plan.

Here are 6 ways you can save water at your property without making drastic changes

Use these tips in your landscape plan to implement water-saving measures that will save you time and money.

No. 1 – Select the right type of grass

At your property, it’s important to incorporate grass that is compatible with your climate. Hybrid-grass such as Bermuda grass, thrives in full or partial shade, as well as sunlight. It is ideal for an extreme-climate region.

In the United States, grasses are typically divided into two groups – warm and cool season turfs. Depending on your climate and drought tolerance, grasses can survive well-throughout the year with minimal support and maintenance. Temperature extremes can add stress to grass. Avoid these issues by using the best grasses for your area.

In warm, southern climates, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Buffalo, Bahia and Zoysia Grass are the most common grasses that are suitable. For Northern regions that experience colder climates, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass are the most common grasses that survive the cold weather.

No. 2 – Use ground covers

Ground covers, such as native plants, slow the evaporation of water from soil. You can replace part of the lawn with ground covers to take advantage of the water-saving system.

Depending on your climate, the type of ground cover that works best for your climate may differ. Ground covers are easy to maintain and often improve the aesthetic look of your landscape area.

No. 3 – Xeriscaping

6 Ways To Save Water With The Right Landscaping At Your Property
Xeriscape can be used in an area that will thrive without water and require very little maintenance.

Xeriscaping plants often require less maintenance.

In areas that do not have easily assessable or plentiful supplies of water, Xeriscaping is often used to landscape an area that will thrive without much water or maintenance.

For areas that are susceptible to drought, installing rock garden plantings, native wildflower or ornamental grasses can keep a lush green landscape from turning into yellow wasteland.

No. 4 – Drip-watering system

Drip irrigation is a low-pressure watering system that keeps plants moist while using less water than other irrigation techniques. In addition, installing a rain-sensing timer to your irrigation controller can prevent wasteful watering on rainy days.

6 Ways To Save Water With The Right Landscaping At Your Property
Inspect your sprinkler systems and consider drip-water systems where it is appropriate.

No. 5 – Inspect sprinkler systems

Regularly inspect your existing water systems to ensure they are running efficiently. Repair leaks and replace broken sprinkler heads to prevent overwatering. Be sure to check that your sprinklers are only running in the early morning, to maximize absorption.

No. 6 – Landscape maintenance

Incorporate the best practices to ensure your space stays healthy and clean. Mow the grass on a regular routine, leave grass clippings on the lawn to return nutrients to the soil, remove weeds from the lawn, and add compost to the garden to renovate the landscape.

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