5 Ways to Highlight Every Rental Property’s Most Sellable Features

5 Ways to Highlight Every Rental Property’s Most Sellable Features

Here are 5 ways to highlight every rental property’s most sellable features from Keepe, the on-demand maintenance company.

Each property has its own special features that make it unique, and it is these features that attract new tenants and therefore must be showcased in the best possible light.

While this can be tricky, there are ways to do it that don’t require outsourcing expensive professionals and a large budget.

In fact, these five ways to highlight the sellable features of rental properties will help you attract the right tenants easily.

 No.1: Showcase the Sellable Features of Your Rentals

Quit focusing on what you don’t have, and highlight the amenities and features your rental property or apartment does have. Even if your unit is a little older or not as newly built as some of the competition in your neighborhood, you can still attract quality renters.

If you have something neighboring residents don’t — think a parking garage in San Francisco or an elevator in NYC — make sure those are prominent features on your listing. Hone in on what your property offers and speak to its strengths. Make sure tenants know what makes your property unique, even if it’s something simple like hardwood flooring.

No. 2: Quality Photos Makes the Difference

There’s no need to be, or hire, a professional photographer; smartphones these days typically come with expert-quality cameras. Using your smartphone or even an inexpensive digital camera will allow you to capture depth and field with high resolution.

Check out the latest devices if yours isn’t quite up to date. It’s a worthwhile investment that will have you capturing the top features like a pro.

No. 3: Include Tenant Testimonials

No one knows more about the features that are most appealing than the people who live or have lived in your rental property.

If you have a good relationship with tenants, ask them to write a small paragraph discussing the features they like most about the property. You can even go further to request a free video testimonial in exchange for a little percent off the rent for that month.

Everyone will like different things, so this allows you to provide a wide, all-encompassing perspective for every potential renter. Feature these on social media, your website, or better yet—right on the listing page.

No. 4: Use Your Rental-Location Data to Your Advantage

Renters are not only looking to rent an apartment, but to rent one in an excellent location.

They want to rent in an area that matches their living and economic expectations. If your rental is located close to the mall, business district, or other unique public/social amenities, you should use these to your advantage when marketing your rental to potential tenants.

You can also include important data such as low crime rates, school quality, cost of living, ease of transportation, and other relevant data that adds value to your home in your listing.

No. 5: Invest in Quality Video Tours

Real-estate professionals are beginning to adopt virtual tours and walkthrough due to the continued presence of the coronavirus pandemic.

These days, renters want to see on video what makes your rental property special. You can capture your entire rental property, especially the sellable features, with the high-resolution video capabilities of your mobile device. Map out the best route through the property, highlighting the best features, and record it and upload it on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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