5 Main Culprits Causing Rental Property Sewer Line Issues

Sewer line issues to your rental properties can get very expensive, very quickly and the city is not going to come fix them for free

Sewer line issues to your rental properties can get very expensive, very quickly and the city is not going to come fix them for free, so here are some things to know about the trouble sewer lines can cause from Leak Locators.

No. 1 Roots: Fast-growing roots seek out moisture and water. It will find its way to cracked main line sewers, creating a total blockage to sewer lines. It’s so important to have regular sewer scope inspections to help prevent repairs that will be more expensive over time.

No. 2 Settling: Sewer lines can gradually begin to sag due to age. This will create a belly where sewage can build up and create blockages.

No. 3 Ground shifting: Excavating and seismic activity can cause misaligned sewer lines.

No. 4 Sewer pipe materials: Pipe clay and concrete pipes in older homes are much more susceptible to issues than plastic pipes used in newer homes. To spot poor pipe materials, schedule a sewer scope inspection.

No. 5 Poor installation: This can also lead to crack pipes and pipe collapses. It’s important to identify if your sewer line is poorly installed and schedule a repair as soon as possible.

Sewer line inspections ensure you find potential sewer line issues and problems before they cause costly sewer backups, giving you the information needed to schedule estimates for sewer line repairs.

Many rental property insurance companies offer landlord insurance to cover problems with sewer line issues so best to check with your insurance company.

Blocked drains and clogged sewers in rental properties are some of the most common areas of dispute between landlords and tenants because it can be very difficult to apportion blame or responsibility in terms of how the blockage was originally caused.

These issues can worsen over time. It is always best to consult with a professional.

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