4 Signs Your Rental Property Gutters May Need A Fall Cleaning

Rental Property Gutters: The Hot Maintenance Job of the Month

This week’s maintenance tip is a reminder that fall leaf season means now is a good time to check your rental property gutters to prevent overflowing gutters, so here 4 signs your gutters may need cleaning from Keepe maintenance folks.

4 Signs That Your Gutters Need Cleaning

1. Rainwater Is overflowing

 One of the major reasons to have gutters is to drain water from the roof and channel it away from the foundation. This also helps prevent your roof from holding excessive moisture that could lead to the rotting of its wooden parts.

However, when your gutter is filled with debris or wooden particles, it becomes difficult for it to control the water and even channel it away from your property.

2. Presence of algae and debris

 Algae, debris, dirt and leaves are most likely to find their way to your rental property gutters one way or the other. If you notice the presence of birds and critters, you may want to check if there is debris in your gutter. It can make a nice next for the birds which could lead to even more maintenance issues.

Failure to clean your gutter of algae and debris may lead to mold growth, which can damage the exterior area of your rental.

3. Stagnant water around the foundation

 Your foundation is the anchor that holds your rental to the ground and prevents moisture or even flood water from getting in.  But a clogged gutter can cause severe damage to your foundation if not cleaned properly and early.

If you notice a pool of standing water around your foundation, it could be caused by gutters not working property.

4. Stains on your siding

 If you notice any form of stains or streaks on your siding, it may be time to get your gutters checked and cleaned. This is because when your gutter is clogged with debris and leaves, water is not able to flow properly, causing it to seep into the siding.

While you may be able to handle minor gutter cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional company to handle bigger jobs. This will help you get the job done on time and correctly the first time.

About Keepe:

Keepe is an on-demand maintenance solution for property managers and independent landlords. The company makes a network of hundreds of independent contractors and handymen available for maintenance projects at rental properties. Keepe is available in the Greater Seattle area, Greater Phoenix area, San Francisco Bay area, Portland, San Diego and is coming soon to an area near you. Learn more about Keepe at https://www.keepe.com.

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