20 Easy, Affordable Maintenance Projects To Update Your Rentals

The smaller maintenance jobs that improve the look and feel of a rental space and make it feel welcoming can really help when it comes to landing that next tenant is the maintenance checkup from Keepe this week.

This week’s post will list easy and affordable maintenance projects to update every room. These small improvements and investments really go a long way.


5 front and outdoor improvements

1. Repainting the front door – a fresh and crisp coat of paint does wonders for a property’s exteriors, especially when opting for bright or bold colors. Due to its exposure, the front door can be prone to discoloration and chipping, and a new coat of paint can completely transform it into a cheerful and appealing detail.

2. Replacing the property’s numbers – Over time, those number sets can rust and look worn. Replacing the existing set with a new one is inexpensive and makes the exteriors look neat.

3. Sanding and refinishing railings – Harsh weather and temperatures can take a toll on metal fences and railings. Rust, oxidation and discoloration are unappealing, but can be easily taken care of by sanding, repainting and sealing.

4. Resealing and treating wooden fences – Wood fences and gates are prone to rotting, discoloration and moss growth. Regularly sealing and treating the wood not only prolongs its life by protecting it from moisture and the elements, but also restores the beauty of a uniform and natural-looking finish.

5. Repainting or replacing mailboxes – Tenants will notice and appreciate the look of their updated mailbox, and will be even more excited about having newer models installed, as those offer include safe features for protecting your tenants mail.

20 Easy, Affordable Maintenance Projects To Update Your Rentals

5 easy kitchen ideas

1. Installing a fun and modern backsplash – a tiled backsplash protects the exposed walls from moisture and staining from food spills and splashes, while also making the space look more appealing. Most hardware and home improvement stores offer a great variety of tiling combinations for backsplashes, which are generally rather inexpensive while also being highly customizable and adaptable to the existing color schemes and features of a kitchen.

2. Updating cabinet and drawer handles – Swapping handles with newer and slightly more elaborate ones is a very easy and inexpensive hack that makes the space look more appealing and curated.

3. Turning recessed lighting into accent lighting – A maintenance professional can modify existing recessed lighting into hanging lighting, which can completely transform the space by adding a distinguishing accent with a touch of color.

4. Sleek-ifying and modernizing appliances with a coat of liquid stainless-steel – Having a painting expert recoat your appliances with a kitchen-safe liquid stainless steel paint makes outdated or discolored appliances look modern and sleek.

5. Adding molding on top of cabinets – Molding makes the space look polished by giving cabinets a custom, built-in look. Different styles of molding exist to match different decors.

20 Easy, Affordable Maintenance Projects To Update Your Rentals


5 bathroom maintenance projects

20 Easy, Affordable Maintenance Projects To Update Your Rentals

1. Restoring grouts – Over time, tiling can look worn and dirty as the grout becomes stained and collects dirt over time. A tiling professional can easily scrape off old grout and regrout the space, which makes it look clean and neat.

2. Restoring caulking – Just like grout, caulking in sinks, tubs and showers can stain and start looking worn or even moldy over time. Recaulking resolves this issue while updating the overall look of the bathroom.

3.  Sealing cracks – Cracks are not a pleasant sight on tiling and fixtures, making them look worn and damaged. They can be concealed by being filled in with sealant.

4. Upgrading showerheads and faucets – Installing a new showerhead and faucet set modernizes and updates the space while also treating your tenants to the enjoyable features of newer showerheads models, such as improved water pressure settings and even integrated lighting.

5. Covering exposed bulbs – Exposed light bulbs aren’t particularly appealing, actually making space look rather unpolished. Plenty of inexpensive lighting fixtures are available for purchase, and can be installed over exposed bulbs to improve the look of the space.

5 ideas for living rooms, bedrooms and home offices

20 Easy, Affordable Maintenance Projects To Update Your Rentals

1. Upgrading or replacing baseboards – Like molding for cabinets, baseboards polish and add a finishing touch to the interior of your property. They can be a helpful addition as they protect walls in high-traffic areas from abrasions and contact, but can easily start looking worn if left unmaintained for long periods of time. Repainting, repairing or replacing older baseboards completely uplifts the spaces where they are installed.

2. Repainting the interior walls – Spring and Summer are the ideal time for scheduling major painting projects, as the weather and temperatures are typically paint-friendly. Refreshing the walls with a new coat of paint or opting for a new color is one of the most immediate ways to update the look and feel of the unit, especially considering that some walls can be prone to staining and discoloration over time.

3. Deep-cleaning carpet and sealing hardwood – Both procedures will restore flooring to a like-new condition, which will make the unit feel and look clean and cared-for.

4. Replacing outlets – Swapping older outlets with newer, multi-outlet and usb-friendly models modernizes the unit and lets your tenants to enjoy their practicality and efficiency.

5. Considering smart gadgets – Smart home systems with integrated high-tech gadgets offer a variety of innovative ways to make units more efficient and comfortable. Some of the more popular systems include voice-controlled task assistants, user-friendly energy-use monitors, intelligent thermostats and interactive lighting.

Maintenance Summary:

Prioritizing functional maintenance jobs such as gutter cleanings, plumbing and HVAC checkups, emergency repairs, preventative inspections is fundamental maintenance. However, minor maintenance projects for the improvement of its aesthetic qualities should not be underestimated or forgotten.

Often times, investing in smaller projects that tackle the aesthetics of a property seems superfluous because they are not repairing or improving the actual amenities, which are the distinguishing factor attributing value to a property. While it’s definitely smart to prioritize functional maintenance jobs, home improvement projects can also add some serious value to a property.

Improving the look and feel of a space not only makes the overall unit look more appealing, but it can help with making up for those elements that might be lacking or slightly outdated. Aesthetic improvements showcase attention to detail and make tenants feel good about living in a place that looks well-kept and welcoming.

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