Apartment Mystery Maintenance Call Of The Week: Why Is The Smoke Detector Alarm Going Off?


The mystery maintenance call of the week and the jobĀ  came from Portland again.

The property manager called maintenance to say the tenant was reporting their fire alarms going off randomly even though there was no smoke or fire.

You might assume the battery in the smoke detector was bad, right?

Not so.

After the Keepe handyman came onsite to check out the problem, he realized that the smoke detector had been replaced recently.

When he removed the unit to look further, he saw that it was full of ants!

The ants had been overwhelming the smoke detector, making it malfunction.

The handyman replaced the smoke detector and added Hot Shot to kill the ants and prevent them from coming back.

Now, the smoke detector works properly.

Keepe is an on-demand maintenance solution for property managers and independent landlords and provides our weekly mystery maintenance call.

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