Lawmakers Extend Oregon Eviction Moratorium Through End of September

Lawmakers Extend Oregon Eviction Moratorium Through End of September

Lawmakers have voted to extend the Oregon eviction moratorium for both residential and commercial properties through the end of September and give renters until March 31, 2021 to pay back rent.

The legislature passed HB 4213 which extends the renter protections originally issued by Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order preventing evictions for nonpayment of rent.

After the Oregon eviction moratorium ends Sept. 30, the bill sets a grace period through March 31, 2021, for tenants to pay any rent owed. If they make partial payments, the money is applied to current rent first.

Tenants must inform landlords within two weeks whether they intend to use the grace period, either by mid-October or another date set by the landlords. If they do not, tenants can be charged a penalty equal to a half-month’s rent. Landlords can send notices to tenants about the deadlines, but they cannot send tenants eviction notices until 90 days after nonpayment on Dec. 31, according to reports.

Oregon eviction moratorium

House Bill 4204 gives homeowners and property owners protections from foreclosures as Oregon’s economy recovers from the COVID-caused recession, according to a release.

“Home and property owners are struggling to pay their bills and prevent foreclosure as a result of this pandemic. This bill will help protect those who live in their own homes, as well as those who maintain rental housing, or who rent spaces to small businesses,” Senator Kathleen Taylor (D-Portland) who chairs the Senate Committee on Labor and Business, said in the release.

“By passing House Bill 4204 and extending foreclosure protections, we help home and property owners and all who depend on that property for housing or income,” Taylor said.

“This is about protecting individual homeowners and small business owners who are struggling during this crisis,” said Rep. Paul Holvey (D-Eugene), who carried the bill on the floor, said in a release.

“This critical legislation will help individuals keep a roof over their head and keep our state’s small businesses open. This is one piece in helping stabilize our state’s economy as we work our way through this crisis.

“We know for too many renters across Oregon, the fear of losing their home is very real – especially as unemployment claims continue to be delayed,” Rep. Julie Fahey (D-West Eugene and Junction City), said in a release.

“This legislation will provide a small amount of certainty for all of the individuals and small businesses that are struggling to get by right now. We will continue to fight for working families and ensure they have the protections they need to weather this crisis.”

Oregon Senate Republicans said in a statement, “…the Senate passed HB 4213, a bill that will force landlords and property owners to shoulder more debt during the Governor’s continued COVID-19 economic shutdown.”

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod (R-Stayton) issued the following statement: “Instead of addressing the utter failure of the Oregon Employment Department to distribute unemployment checks to thousands of suffering Oregonians, Democrats are stacking debt on people who cannot afford it and the burden falls on renters and landlords. The Governor’s abuse of power and economic policy is a disaster for this state.”

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