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4 Ways to Help Manage Renters Moving During COVID-19

4 Ways to Help Manage Renters Moving During COVID-19

How to Manage Tenant Communication During COVID-19

By Barbara Jackson

With COVID-19 affecting every aspect of daily life, it’s important for tenants to know that their landlords, property managers, and real estate agents are keeping lines of communication open. Learn how housing professionals are using technology to manage tenant communication during COVID-19.

Be prepared

Tenants are going to continue to have a lot of questions surrounding COVID-19. Consider adding an FAQ section to your website, so your tenants have one place to go to get all their questions answered. Address any changes in operations, such as new safety precautions, the hours your office is open (if at all), how tenants can pay their rent safely and efficiently, and how you are showing new properties. Update all of your business listings to have your current hours of operation, and direct your tenants to the FAQ page on your website

COVID-19: Landlord/Tenant Law in the Age of Global Pandemic

By Bradley Kraus

Much like everything else in the world, the relationship between landlords and tenants changed dramatically with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the first time, I received questions about things like, “How to handle individuals who appear ill/have COVID-19?” and whether landlords should call the police on said individuals.

Those questions are unsurprisingly more nuanced then they otherwise would be, due to the pandemic and all. To say that COVID-19 has caused – and will continue to cause – panic and uncertainty is an understatement.

andlord tenant law and covid-19

6 Actions Landlords Can Take to Support Residents Now

On behalf of the 40 million Americans who call an apartment home and the 17.5 million jobs the industry supports, the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) is suggesting six actions landlords can take to support their residents in light of the developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to a release.

Covid-19 and rental housing

“This crisis is testing all of us – every industry, every family. No one should lose the roof over their head during a pandemic. That’s why our members are taking action and why NMHC proactively issued a series of principles to assist renters, including a halt to COVID-19 related evictions and the establishment of payment plans for residents who are unable to pay their rent because of the outbreak,” NMHC President Doug Bibby  said in a release.

6 Actions Landlords Can Take to Support Residents Now

How To Handle Rental Maintenance During COVID-19

Covid-19 and rental housing presents a number of challenges including how to handle rental maintenance, along with personal protective wear and equipment, was covered by Paul Rhodes, National Safety and Maintenance Instructor at the National Apartment Association Education Institute, during a recent video.

Rhodes said in handling rental maintenance during COVID-19 the first thing in dealing with maintenance in our communities is that “everybody’s on the same page.

“I think that what we should be starting with is clear, consistent communication with our residents


How to Report COVID-19 Debt Information to the Credit Bureaus

If they haven’t already, your residents will soon be contacting you about COVID-19 debt information related financial hardships. How you help them through these tough times is up to you (we offered some options in this recent article). No matter what arrangements you make, though, you’ll want to report them accurately to the major credit bureaus.

10 Ways to Keep Residents Engaged During COVID-19

10 Ways to Keep Residents Engaged During COVID-19

Here are 10 ways to keep residents engaged during the COVID-19 crisis, put together by the National Apartment Association (NAA).

Social distancing is a challenge in apartment communities which are at their core a people-driven business. That makes it more difficult to abruptly cut off face-to-face communication.

“Now more than ever, apartment owners and operators have a real opportunity to make a difference in how we respond to these challenges by moving resident events and communication online to further engage residents in a different manner,” the NAA said in its release.

Oregon Governor Orders Stop to Residential Evictions for Nonpayment of Rent During Crisis

Dear Landlord Hank: Tenant Cannot Pay Rent Due to COVID-19

Updates on eviction bans state by state