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Why Property Managers Are Skeptical When Tenants Decline Lease Offers

Property managers want tenants who will be excited about their lease offers. When you decide to extend a lease with a conditional offer, and the tenant declines, then what? What do you think that...
Living With A Roommate Can Save Renters $515 A Month

3 Safeguards For The Growing Tide of Roommate Renters

Renters who are strangers and yet will be roommates can present a challenge for leasing apartments. Here are 3 safeguards to consider when renting to these types of occupants. By Ellen Calmas While individual renter households...

What Safeguards Do You Tie To Your Lease Offers?

There are reasons why you do not want to move in everyone who applies, obviously, but what safeguards are you putting in place with your lease offers? Read what an expert with 25+ years in marketing...