REI2DAY: What the kitchen faucet taught me about how to keep great tenants

California City Attempting Warrantless Snooping on Rental Property


A new federal lawsuit says the California city of Highland is violating the Fourth Amendment rights of landlords and tenants by subjecting them to unjustified & warrantless open-ended searches of their property by city inspectors without complaints or evidence of wrongdoing.  The lawsuit was filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) on behalf of local landlord Karl Trautwein and his tenants. The PLF said that the city is “attempting to bully property owners and tenants into allowing inspectors in without a warrant.”  Click here to read more



Many Cities Don’t Think Renters Have Fourth Amendment Rights


Earlier this week we posted about a California city performing warrantless searches under the guise of  rental inspections, now Forbes is reporting that the Institute for Justice is also raising the alarm about the Fourth Amendment rights of renters.  The article points out, due in part to a nearly 50-year old Supreme Court decision, cities and towns across America are literally snooping on renters without having to obtain warrants.  This is a dangerous slippery-slope that needs to be monitored and properly addressed.  Groups such as the Institute for Justice and the Pacific Legal Foundation are taking up the fight.  Click here to read more.


San Francisco Tops National Rent Report


Rental information site Zumper released their latest National Rent Report that now ranks the largest 100 cities in the nation according to the price of a one and two bedroom apartment.  Their reports analyze rental data from over 1 million active listings across the United States, which are aggregated on a monthly basis to calculate median asking rents for the top 100 metro areas by population.  No surprises for the top price-fetching cities, however the entire comprehensive list is worth a look.  Click here to read more.



Housing Starts Up 4.8% from May


Privately-owned housing starts in June were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,189,000. This is 4.8% above the revised May estimate of 1,135,000, but is 2.0% below the June 2015 rate of 1,213,000.  Single-family housing starts in June were at a rate of 778k; this is 4.4% above the revised May figure of 745k.  The June rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 392k.  Click here to read more.



What the kitchen faucet taught me about how to keep great tenants


As a small investor John Tripplett focuses primarily on single-family home investing, He stays very close to his business and the issues that come up with the tenants.

From time to time in this blog, he will share a story or two from his business and tenant relationships that he hopes might help you in your real estate investing business.  Click here to read more.



The Best & Worst Cities for Retirement recently combed through the data on nearly 200 US cities to identify the best and worst places to retire.  Their criteria;  cost of living, crime rate, walkability, health care quality, state and local tax burden, personal well-being for seniors, weather, and the cultural vitality.  The best city was Arlington, VA.  The worst?  Niagra Falls, NY.  Click here to read more.



8 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay


Keeping mosquitos away is a summertime struggle and an aggravating ritual.  And with the Zika virus in the news lately the insect's threat level has been justifiably raised.  In that spirit, our friends over at The Home Depot put together this handy chart with some tips on how to best keep the mosquitos in check so you can enjoy your summer, mosquito-bite free.  Click here to read more.