Effectively Connecting with Your Millennial Tenants

Now that you are aware of what millennials are looking for in a rental property, let’s talk about effectively connecting with your millennial tenants.

When getting into the resources you can utilize to connect with millennials, it is really rather easy and simple!  It’s a pretty safe bet to say that almost all of us, not just millennials, are glued to their phone, laptop or tablet and almost always have some sort of connection to the internet. According to Deloitte’s 2015 global mobile consumer survey, on average people check their phones 46 times a day. That’s 46 opportunities to connect with your current and potential tenants.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful and effective tool if used well.  It really is simple – know your demographic, sign up for the popular social media platforms they’re active in, interact and stay active in them! Sounds easy, right?

There’s a very high potential that your current and potential tenants are active with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Snapchat. All four resources are easy to use and excellent ways to connect with tenants!  Don’t just limit yourself to posting pictures of staged and/or empty vacancies either! Try posting videos about your property, all of the amenities you offer and the area around your property.  Post content about local events that you think your tenants might be interested in, or content that you think might brighten their day or give them a laugh! Your posts don’t always have to pertain to your rental property!  Maybe they’ll even share your posts that could potentially spread awareness of your rental property!

One of the big reasons why millennials are drawn to renting is the sense of community.  Spring is finally here again! Community barbecue, anyone?  If you do host a community event, you can first make an “event page” with Facebook. Then post a picture on Instagram and a tweet that both link back over to your Facebook’s event page!

Snapchat can another fun way to connect your renters with you and your staff.  Just hired new on-site maintenance personnel? Record a video and have them introduce themselves or have a weekly maintenance tip video! Maybe even try it with one of their silly filters on!

Another social media platform I suggest utilizing is Pinterest.  I’d recommend creating a Pinterest account and start building boards about declutter and organization ideas, ikea furniture hacks, cheap and easy dinner recipes or maybe seasonally related things like spring cleaning tips.  Post content that you think your renters may find interesting, relatable and useful!

Internet & Text Messaging

Allowing your tenants to pay their rent and application fees online is another useful and resource to provide!  Speaking of paying rent, have you ever thought about using text message reminders? Personally, text message reminders have saved me from missing appointments and payment duedates. I’m sure there are a number tenants out there that would benefit from receiving a reminder text.  Also, don’t forget about text message advertising! Post your vacancy online and add in something like, “Text ‘LIVEHERE’ with the best time to contact you to 80085 to have one of our leasing agents contact you about this vacancy!” to the rental post.

Connecting with your millennial tenants is really pretty simple and can be fun for you too!  Don’t forget, becoming active with social media resources can absolutely benefit you in the long run. It’ll show that you’re up to date with technology, trends, that you actually care about connecting with people and it could potentially lead to free social media advertising by your tenants!

Kristin Flores is Media Manager at Rental Housing Journal.