Basic Design Tips for Realtors and Property Managers

Basic Design Tips for Realtors and Property Managers


Did you know that the recorded average adult attention span in 2015 was 8.15 seconds? According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, our average attention span decreased almost a full four seconds from 2000’s recorded average of 12 seconds.


As a graphic designer, the issue of capturing the attention of the targeted audience is one of the regular challenges I face when approached to create a new advertisement.


A few questions I regularly ask myself when brainstorming are, “If I were a part of the target audience, what would capture my attention?”; or “What can I add to this advertisement that won’t let it get shuffled into the 5,000 other advertisements we all come across in a day?”


Over some years of experience in building advertisements and flyers for a wide array of clients including property managers, realtors and companies marketing products and services to the real estate industry,  here are a few helpful tips I’ve picked up…


Keep it simple

Realistically, you have only a few seconds that any given reader will spend skimming over a page that your ad is featured in. Don’t let them glaze over the moment they see your ad full of verbiage!


If at all possible, try to minimize the amount of verbiage you put into your ad or flyer.


Keep it straight to the point, advertise the most important information and minimize visual clutter. For example, you can highlight your best selling amenities in a separated bulleted list so that the reader can easily see that you can offer them.


Use visual aids to drive your reader’s eye

When I emphasize the importance of keeping things simple and straight to the point, I definitely don’t mean stripping your advertisement of any other design element. Don’t be afraid to use additional visual elements to drive the reader’s eye around the advertisement!


For example, use flourishes, diagonal lines, gradients or any other decorative visual element to help guide your reader’s attention around the advertisement. Additional design elements like this can be used as a guide to direct your reader’s eyes around your advertisement when used appropriately.


When I add visual elements like this, I tend to keep them within the same color scheme of the client’s logo, in the background and with varying levels of transparency.


Keep in mind the “flow” and visual hierarchy of your advertisement.


Make it relatable

Word your verbiage so that it’s relatable and understandable to your targeted audience; and use pictures that you think could make potential renters feel at home in one of your rental properties.


If at all possible, try and rearrange your show rooms to allow yourself a large number of photos to use to showcase your new rentals or have a few showrooms that showcase different styles of decor. Maybe contact a local home stager or interior decorator to see if you can get any helpful advice about effective home staging.


When potential renters view your ad, you want them to imagine themselves living happily at your property, not wondering if they can.


People love offers

This one may be a bit of a no brainer.


I’ve received plenty of feedback from previous clients about the success rate in expanding their client base when they would have a promotional offer in their new ad.


If you can, I’d definitely suggest offering some sort of deal or discount for new or returning customers! Maybe a waive an application fee or discount it, or move-in by a certain date and receive a free gift card to IKEA or Starbucks, or maybe even offer a special rate with a local moving company!


At the end of the day, you want your ad to represent you and your property.


Your advertisement could potentially be the first impression any potential tenant or homebuyer has of you and your property. What do you want that first impression to look like?


Kristin Flores is Media Manager at Rental Housing Journal.