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Top Seven Reasons to Use Rental Payment History Data

Experian® RentBureau®, the leading provider of rental payment history data to the multifamily industry, recently released the findings of an analysis examining the financial risk posed by residents and the most effective screening metrics to employ to avoid lost revenue from risky residents. The analysis, Risk versus reward: identifying the highest-quality resident using rental payment history, provides unique, industry-specific insights regarding the use of rental payment data in conjunction with credit scores in screening to produce a superior prediction of a resident’s propensity to default. The analysis also includes first-of-its-kind data regarding late payments, nonsufficient funds (NSF), write-offs and rental collections. Here’s a look at the top seven takeaways from the analysis that offer multifamily owners and property managers a look into the best applications of resident payment history data:

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Dear Maintenance Men: July 2013

I keep hearing about PEX tubing as an alternative to copper tubing when it comes to re-piping my rental units. What is the difference between PEX and copper tubing and why use one over the other? What are the pros and cons? Mark Dear Mark: First let’s define what PEX tubing is. PEX is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe. (It looks and feels like plastic pipe.) The PEX pipe is resistant to extreme temperatures, stress, pressure and chemicals attacks such as acids & alkalies. This makes PEX pipe suitable for both hot and cold water systems and can be used in below freezing condition and is suitable up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The pipe is extremely flexible and easy to install. Pros and cons of using PEX: Pros: 1: Versatile and user friendly, can be bent around corners & snaked through walls. 2: Minimum of connections needed to complete a pipe run. (Less chance of a leak) 3: Cold weather burst resistant.

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The Landlord Times Digital - Latest National Edition

The Landlord Times Digital is a monthly on-line business journal for landlords, property managers, multifamily investors, apartment owners and other real estate professionals nationwide.

Vol 2 Issue 7

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Dear Maintenance Men: June 2013

Dear Maintenance Men:
I have a three-vehicle carport that has no electricity or wiring whatsoever. I plan to have wiring installed for lighting purposes and to add garage doors (w/ automatic openers) to close off the carport. Since I am engaging in this project, I figured this was a great time to prepare the carport/garage for future and potential electric car use. What specific items should I keep in mind for this upgrade, e.g. voltage/amps, location of outlet (driver/passenger side; front or rear of car; distance)? Will the car come equipped with an extended charging cord or would I need to supply one?

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D & Z Present: What Were You Thinking Moments - Air Conditioning

The summer season is coming and that brings the annual challenges of managing and maintaining air conditioning units, along with resident requests for installing air conditioning units.  There is still time, this is your year to be proactive!

D: Suzy Leaser received a call from a resident on a 100 degree day that their air conditioner was not working.  She also mentioned that they were elderly.  Suzy explained to the resident that she knows how that goes, the office air conditioner wasn’t working as well and she couldn’t stand it, so she called A1 Air Conditioning service to come fix
theirs.  Suzy confessed it was hard to work in this heat.

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D&Z Present: What Were You Thinking Moments... Mold

It’s just MOLD, clean it up…..  Maybe use bleach, that should be enough, right?  
Have you heard this, or heard this statement?  This is defiantly one of those “What were you thinking moments” 


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