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D & Z Present: What Were You Thinking Moments - Air Conditioning

The summer season is coming and that brings the annual challenges of managing and maintaining air conditioning units, along with resident requests for installing air conditioning units.  There is still time, this is your year to be proactive!

D: Suzy Leaser received a call from a resident on a 100 degree day that their air conditioner was not working.  She also mentioned that they were elderly.  Suzy explained to the resident that she knows how that goes, the office air conditioner wasn’t working as well and she couldn’t stand it, so she called A1 Air Conditioning service to come fix
theirs.  Suzy confessed it was hard to work in this heat.

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D&Z Present: What Were You Thinking Moments... Mold

It’s just MOLD, clean it up…..  Maybe use bleach, that should be enough, right?  
Have you heard this, or heard this statement?  This is defiantly one of those “What were you thinking moments” 


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