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The 10 Best Counties For Renting Single-Family Homes To Millennials

Top 10 counties for rentals to millennials of single-family homes

A new report has identified and ranked the 10 best counties for renting single-family homes to millennials.

 ATTOM Date Solutions first-quarter 2017 Single Family Rental Market report, which ranks the best U.S. markets for buying single family rental properties in 2017, shows the best millennial single-family markets are in Detroit, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Duluth, Minnesta.

In all 10 counties, the millennial share of the population increased at least 5 percent between 2014 and 2015 — the most recent data available from the Census Bureau — and millennials accounted for at least 20 percent of the total population in 2015.

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Why Are Some Property Managers Not Solving Pet Poop Problems?

Why are property managers not solving pet poop problems?

By John Triplett

Rental Housing Journal

If you do a search online for apartments and pet poop problems, there is no shortage of negative reviews from tenants about pet waste in apartment communities.

The growing millennial generation is becoming the largest group of renters in the country. And guess what, more than 70 percent of them are pet owners. The trend toward pet ownership in rental housing is only going to grow.

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To Yield Or Not To Yield?

Prepayment penalty and choices in an era of rising interest rates

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Prepayment Penalty Choices In The Era of Rising Interest Rates

By Eli Glanz, President, Alpha American Capital

Most commercial mortgages, particularly fixed-rate mortgages, have some sort of prepayment penalty. Lenders impose such a penalty to earn back some, or all, of the interest income they would have earned had the mortgage remained outstanding for its entire term.

Prepayment penalties generally come in one of three flavors: defeasance, yield maintenance or a percentage fee. For those of us who focus on financing multifamily properties, the last two options are what we will encounter most often as those are the options offered by the agencies (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae).

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Is Your Apartment Building The Hottest New Hotel In Town?

Short-term rentals and is your apartment building the hottest new hotel in town?

Your high-rise apartment building in the city may be the new hottest hotel in town for short-term rentals as downtown, luxury, high-rise apartment buildings have become a magnet for the popular online home-sharing rental platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Spokane-based Stay Alfred, according to several reports.

Because the luxury high-rise apartments typically have great city views, rooftop lounges, state-of-the art gyms and more to attract renters, they also attract the overnight guest. The tenants are renting out these plush digs by the night under the radar many times of the property management and building owners.

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5 Reasons Why All Landlords and Property Managers Need to Join an Apartment or Landlord Association

5 Reasons to Join an Apartment or Landlord Association

5 Reasons Why all Landlords and Property Managers Need to Join an Apartment or Landlord Association

With laws changing every year, Landlords can’t afford to manage their rentals without support


            It seems like every month there is a new story about a rental property law changing, a landlord being sued by a tenant, or a landlord being issued a six figure fine. The relationship between a landlord and a tenant seems to be one of the most litigious business relationships that exists. Even if you only own and manage 1-2 units it can seem like a full-time job just keeping up on all the regulations. Being a property investor and being a landlord are two very different jobs and it’s not realistic to be an expert at both.

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Property Management Ranks No. 14 In Worst Paying Jobs For Women

Property management ranks No. 14 in worst paying jobs for women

Property management jobs ranked No. 14 among the worst paying jobs for women, according to a release from 24/7Wall

The website reviewed female weekly earnings as a percentage of male weekly earnings in full-time wage and salary jobs using data from the Bureau of Labor statistics to identify the 20 worst paying jobs for women in America.

The 20 jobs with the lowest pay equity between men and women range from first-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers, a job in which the typical woman earns 72.8% of male earnings, to personal financial advisors, a job in which women earn 55.6% of what men in the same job are paid. For reference, women across all such occupations earn 81.9% of male earnings, according to the report.

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Sacramento, Portland, Seattle Grow While National Rents Flatten

Rents increase in key West Coast metros Yardi says while national rents flatten

Year-over-year rents in metros such as Sacramento, Seattle and Portland rose during February, while most of the largest U.S. metros are reverting to flat or modest growth, according to the latest report in a release from Yardi Matrix.

Joining Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and the Inland Empire as year-over-year rent growth leaders in February were Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The anticipated deceleration in rents was expected as national rents held at an average of $1,306. However multifamily fundamentals remain strong, the February report says.

Such deceleration “is not unexpected or a sign of long-term weakness in the sector,” the report says, noting that household formation and occupancy rates are expected to remain robust in 2017.

Looking ahead, the major unknown is how the economy will perform for the remainder of the year.

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7 Secrets To Keep Tenants Renewing Your Leases

7 secrets to keep tenants renewing your leases

Keeping your tenants happy and renewing their leases is key to keeping your rental housing business and your revenue growing.

Our veteran investor, property manager and blogger shares a few of his secrets here.

By Larry Arth

I learned early on in the landlord business that I had to build a strong relationship with my tenants if I wanted long-term loyal clients for my rentals.

On the other hand, apartment owners and real estate investors who simply look at an investment property as a vehicle where the tenant pays their mortgage and generates them some positive cash flow tend to have tenants who move out annually.

When tenants feel or sense they are nothing more than a revenue stream for their landlord, they tend to move on quickly.

Here is my system:

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How Much Do You Know About Atypical Evictions?

Atypical evictions are something a landlord may face when tenants are sharing rental housing

Landlords and property managers frequently deal with the issue of unmarried co-tenants and roommates, sometimes on the lease and sometimes not on the lease.

When things do not work out with these tenants, a property manager or landlord may face what is known as an “atypical” eviction.

Landlords are now seeing more renters who are Millennials. The trend of unmarried tenants is reflected in Gallup data showing more Millennials are currently single/never married than was true for those in older generations. This means they may have roommates sharing expenses. Plus considerably more Millennials are in domestic partnerships. Specifically, more than half of all Millennials, 59%, have never married, and 9% are in domestic partnerships, according to Gallup.

This week attorney Clint S. Dunaway takes on this topic of atypical evictions.

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Home Flipping Hits 10-Year High In 2016

Home flipping hits 10-year high in 2016

Low inventory and a flood of capital pushed the home flipping rate to a 10-year high in 2016, according to a new report from ATTOM Data Solutions.

Homes flipped in 2016 sold for a median price of $189,900, a gross flipping profit of $62,624 above the median purchase price of $127,276 and representing a gross flipping return on investment (ROI) of 49.2 percent. Both the gross flipping dollar amount and ROI were the highest going back to 2000, the earliest home flipping data is available for the report, according to the release.

“Investors in search of flipping returns are increasingly willing to move to secondary and tertiary housing markets and neighborhoods with older, smaller properties that are available at a deeper discount,” Daren Blomquist, senior vice president at ATTOM Data Solutions, said in the release.


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