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5 Killer Strategies To Market Your Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies

5 Killer Strategies To Market Your Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies

5 Killer Strategies To Market Your Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies, Fast
Without having to shell out a mini-fortune on old and outdated marketing channels

Do you want to fill your vacancies fast and keep costs down?  If so,  download your copy of ‘5 Killer Strategies To Market Your
Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies, Fast
’.  You are going to absolutely love what I have in store for you.

See, renters are everywhere.

They’re actively searching for apartments they can rent (and yes, that includes YOUR area as well) and will pay handsomely if they find the right one that fits their needs.

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San Francisco Rent War Means SEO Is Key To Big Money Renters

search engine optimization key to big money renters

Search engine optimization can improve an apartment community's website visibility with potential renters when they search online.

By Matt Easton

MultiFamily Traffic

Portfolio managers who love revenue and rent increases are using Google search to win the war for the most profitable renters.

Let’s take the Bay Area for example, easily one of the hottest markets in the United States.

In 2015, San Francisco experienced double-digit increases in apartment rents with occupancy rates unaffected by skyrocketing increases. This year has been a bit of a different story. Although rent increases are still at a more than acceptable 3.7% for most of the Bay Area. It’s a far cry from the boom of 2015.

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How are you using search technology to improve your online marketing results?

search is a key to finding your next tenant

How well is your apartment complex showing up when prospective tenants search for their next home?

Does your marketing spend on search justify the cost and bring your more leads?

Are you spending enough on search technology in the right way in the right place? Blogger Matt Easton takes on a few of these questions.


By Matt Easton

There are several ways to get your property to rank in search results and bring you more leads and more good tenants.

Paid search using Google AdWords is one strategy that can work, but you also want to be sure your website has the content your prospective tenant is looking for when they land on your website from that paid campaign.

Better content to improve your organic search ranking, along with a paid campaign, will help build your presence in search. Always remember that content you want to build is not about you and your property necessarily. That of course is important.

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5 Secrets You Need To Know About Apartment Marketing

5 secrets to great apartment marketing

Even if you are the world's best property manager, there are some secrets to apartment marketing that can bring you results now and hold down your marketing budget in the future.

By Matt Easton

Congratulations, you are the marketing manager of the best apartment portfolio, or property manager of the best community in town, or:

  • You have new construction in lease-up.
  • You have an older community that wants to stay on top.

Even if you are the world’s best property manager, you still may have no clue how you’re going to get your units toured by hot, qualified, prospective renters who are ready to lease a unit from you today.

 And, no matter how cool your communities are, if people don’t know about them at the precise moment they are looking to lease, you will never hit your occupancy goals. Getting units leased is what apartment marketing should be all about.

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Apartment Communities Will Soon Be Able to Buy Their Way into The Google Local Pack with AdWords

apartment communities and google maps

If you manage an apartment community, there is no better way to drive renters to your property than getting it listed on the Google 3-pack and map – pictured below.

By Matt Easton

While attending SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle, WA June 22-23, we had a chance to speak with product development at Google and learned that apartment communities will soon be able to purchase AdWords in the Google Local 3-pack.

getting your apartment on the google map

That means one of the three local results in the local pack will be an ad. Properties that aren’t currently using an apartment SEO professional to get on the map will have an even tougher time. Once Google takes back a spot to use it for an ad, that leaves only two spots left for non-paying apartment communities.

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3 Ways SEO Can Supercharge Your Student Housing Properties

3 Ways SEO Can Supercharge Your Student Housing Properties

3 Ways SEO Can Supercharge Your Student Housing Properties

As a leader in SEO and online apartment marketing, I have worked with hundreds of student housing properties and portfolios over the years. Whenever a university community calls MultiFamily Traffic, they always have the same problems for us to fix.

1.The phones in the leasing office are not ringing

2.The property has become occupied only with students, with little or no non-student renters, the property is one step away from becoming a frat-house.

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