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4 Reasons You May Have Hard-to-Lease Apartments With Hidden Vacancy Costs

Vacancy costs can be hidden in hard-to-lease apartments

Vacancy costs can sometimes be hidden when you have hard-to-lease apartments. Sometimes it may surprise you it can be a single unit over and over causing the issue.

By Lori Hammond

Vacancy loss is a key indicator when evaluating property performance.

Vacancy loss and bad debt are two negative adjustments from the Gross Rent Potential. 

Attempts to maximize rental income include increasing rents, reducing vacancy and concessions.

There is another factor that lurks inside vacancy loss.

This sneaky indicator is the actual number of days vacant for an apartment.  Without looking at days vacant list or report, it might go unnoticed that the same apartment has been vacant for an extended period of time.

Given the size of a property, it's expected there will always be some vacant apartments.

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5 Items to Check in Occupied Apartment Inspections

5 things you should check in occupied apartment inspections writes Lori Hammond in her blog

Occupied apartment inspections provide an opportunity to collect a significant amount of valuable information. When tenants are occupying the apartments, you can get valuable insights into the condition of the apartment homes through an inspection. Also, possible repairs and replacements for long-term occupied homes can be identified during this process if the apartment inspection process is done right. Here are 5 items to check.

By Lori Hammond

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